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3 Awesome Camp Care Packages Your Kids Will Love!

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By Sara Goldstein @tomatoes_tomahtos

Sending a loved one to camp? Send them something special to show them how much you care and miss them. Easier said than done, right? Sometimes making a camp care package that kids actually like can be a head-scratching chore for parents. That’s why we’re planning early!

I’ve created 3 fun packages for you to use as a starting off point to make your own. Include some homemade treats for an extra personal touch, go to your local craft or dollar store for easy store-bought items, and for those of you who love to go all out, decorate the inside of your shipping boxes to add a nice, unexpected surprise! All of the store-bought items I include below can be found on Amazon and Target.

See packaging supplies and directions below.


Girls Ages 8-11

You Will Need:

  • Pop-Toy The pop toy we originally recommended is since sold out, but this llama variation is cute too.
  • Scented gel pens

    The pens we originally recommended were since sold out, but these pens will make postcards home fun to write.


Boys Ages 8-11

You Will Need:

  • Wrapping paper

    The wrapping paper we originally used to create this box was since sold out, but these bright wrapping paper options will do the trick as well.


Girls Ages 11+


You Will Need:

  • Camp journal

    The journal we originally recommended was since sold out, but here is a similar option.

Packaging Supplies and Directions:

  • A standard USPS shipping box in size M or L (I used large), available for free at your local USPS office
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks (1 per box)
  • Regular Elmer’s glue
  • Clear packing tape
  • Stickers for decorations (I got mine at Michael’s)
  • Shredded paper for the bottom 

1. Lay the box on a large flat surface.
2. Pull the tab on one side of the box so it lays entirely flat.
3. Lay the wrapping paper design-side down and place the box on top with the inside of the box facing up towards you.
4. Spread glue stick all over the inside of the box, then flip to stick. The outside of the box should now be facing you.
5. Trim the edges so the paper evenly fits around the box.
6. Cut the slits so the box is able to fold.
7. Fold the box and tape it back together.

For those of you who want to add even more goodies to your boxes, see our top picks HERE!

Originally published in June 2022. Updated in July 2023.