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4 Edible Gifts to Make this Mother’s Day

Mussy Raitman May 6, 2019

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By: Mussy Raitman, Lubicom Staff


Let’s be real; moms are the best people on earth. From day one they have done everything for you, including cutting the crusts off white bread for your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (yes, it takes time and precision) and loved you through your terrible twos and teenage stage (equal amount of drama.)


So before you pick up the phone and call the florist or quickly rush to nearest home goods store for a last-minute gift, I recommend you make something more personal. This year, try a homemade edible gift.


There’s no possible way we can repay our mothers for all they do, the least we can do it make them feel like royalty with a delicious treat. These ideas will hit the spot. Consider Mother’s Day conquered!



Flavored Salt

With just a quick sprinkle salt takes a dish from the ‘ok’ status to ‘absolutely divine.’ An essential in the kitchen, salt solves most flavorless food problems.

A couple of months ago my friend invited me over to try some of her flavored salts, and for me, there has been no going back. The process is straightforward, and the flavor ideas are just endless. She made a couple of different varieties including Meyer lemon salt, mixed herb salt, and my personal favorite; roasted garlic salt.

Out of the three that I tried, I fell in love with the roasted garlic salt.  The flavor was so smooth and sophisticated, and you can’t compare it to store-bought. Sprinkle some on fries, meat, pasta, fish, really anything and everything; it really brings out the natural flavors.

She sent me home with some cute glass jars filled with this handmade heaven, a handwritten label, and a quick bow. The perfect Mother’s Day gift.



Overnight Waffles

Do you ever go to sleep a little bit too excited to wake up for a heavenly breakfast? Happens to me every single Saturday night. Breakfast is my all-time favorite meal, especially on Sundays when I can sit at the breakfast table for hours. For those that don’t know me, I could literally eat eggs, waffles, pancakes, yogurt, and homemade granola on repeat every day of every week.

The worst feeling is waking up and having to not only grease the waffle maker but also make the batter. Overnight yeast waffles are the answer to all my problems. Not only do they solve having to get up and make a batter when all you want to do is sit down and eat, but the soft texture inside and the crispy on the outside is a game changer.  I can’t help but think of overnight yeast waffles as a gift to my future self.  




Almond Brittle

Nothing says love like a shiny mosaic of your mom’s favorite nuts and seeds. The primary flavor of brittle comes from the nuts and seeds that you fold into the caramel. That’s when I learned that toasting and prepping your nuts until they’re brown and fragrant will take your brittle up a notch.

The combination of butter and baking soda allows the brittle to crack nicely by hand.

Before my brittle hardens thoroughly, I usually sprinkle some salt which also helps to bring out the nutty flavors. I also love dipping one side into dark chocolate; it makes for the perfect nutty chocolate treat.



Salted Caramels

The thought of making caramels at home has always seemed daunting. I mean, just the phrase “candy thermometer” sounds intimidating. Surprisingly, my first round of making caramels went smoother than expected, and I can finally understand why people say they are the easiest candy to make at home.

Like most things in baking, the key to creating the magic is in the cooking process. Using only butter, sugar, Karo syrup, milk and vanilla and a whole lot of patience, you can make the perfect creamy caramel texture every time. Just remember to hold back on cutting them until the caramel has cooled down completely.