5 Mishloach Manot Ideas to Show Appreciation

Esther Pransky February 7, 2021

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Who is that “ONE” in your life?

Is it the neighbor who always helps you shlep your packages up the steps? The co-worker who covered for you when you were going through a difficult time? The friend who watches your two-year-old every Tuesday when you do carpool?

Purim can be the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to those special people in our lives. With an eye on creativity, here are some unique “thank you” mishloach manot ideas.

Each idea is fully customizable. Depending on your budget and your situation, you can start small and then add in more items (especially gift items or gift cards) to make the mishloach manot more elaborate.

1. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Sometimes, it would be impossible to list EVERYTHING you’re grateful for. Instead, sum up all your thoughts and feelings in one compact sentence! Have fun finding everything-flavored foods to fill this mishloach manot.


– Everything bagels

– Everything flatbreads

– Everything spice mix

– Everything bagel chips

– Everything pretzels

– Everything challah rolls

– Cream cheese

– Lox


Bagel slicer

Bagel spreaders

Bagel/bread box

– Gift card to a local bagel store


2. Passover Package

Did you know that much of the Purim story happened on Passover? The two holidays are intertwined and, of course, a month apart on the calendar. Sending a Passover package not only covers some of the cost of Passover, but it also means less chametz to get rid of after Purim.


– Kosher for Passover food – Yes, you can already order products online, and many Jewish food products are kosher for Passover all year. (Just be sure that your recipient will eat packaged products on Passover.)

– Kosher for Passover chocolate

– Wine

– Grape juice


“Matzo” napkins or other cute Passover paper goods

– Passover cookbook

– Gift card to a local supermarket or Judaica store

3. Thanks for Being a Cut Above

Start with the gift for this one: a cutting board! Keep it simple or go all out with a fancy charcuterie board. You can package the mishloach manot as a platter or put all the parts into a basket. If you know someone who appreciates being on-trend, this idea will be a huge hit.


– Parve – crackers, nuts, fruits, olives, spreads

– Meat – salami or other cured meats

– Dairy – cheeses

– Wine


Wooden cutting board or another platter

– Knives

– Gift card to butcher or meat restaurant

4. Coffee-Themed Mishloach Manot

Does your friend love coffee? Or does she just need it to get through the day? Either way, she’ll appreciate a coffee-themed package. There are lots of cute taglines that you can use, like “Thanks a latte,” “It’s a perk to be your friend,” or “Thanks for all that you do in the daily grind.”


– Coffees, of course: Gourmet instant, ground, or k-cups

– Flavored coffee syrups

– Bottled lattes

– Chocolate coffee beans

– Coffee cake

– Coffee candies


– Mugs

Electric mug warmer

– Gift card to Starbucks or another coffee shop

5. Thanks a Bunch

Get into the Purim “spirit” with this grape-flavored package. Go healthy with bunches of real grapes or take the candy route. And wine and grape juice are always go-to mishloach manot choices.


– Wine

– Grapes

– Grape juice

– Grape-flavored candies

– Grape-flavored drinks

– Grape jelly



– Wine decanter or pitcher (you can even personalize it)

Wine cooler stick

– Gift card to a local wine store (great for Purim OR Pesach)

While the gifts are appreciated and the shtick is fun, the most important part is still the sentiment. Beat the Purim rush, and take some time in the coming weeks to write a personal note for the mishloach manot. Your letter will be cherished long after the food is gone.

We all owe gratitude to the people that help and support us. Let’s take the time to thank them properly this Purim.