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YeahThatsKosher’s Ultimate Chanukah Donut Crawl

Dani Klein December 8, 2017

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An updated list of where to buy the best Hanukkah donuts in 2020 is available here.


When thinking of what to indulge in on Chanukah one food comes to mind before any other… donuts.


Sufganiyot can be something as simple as a jelly donut, or richly flavored with caramel, blueberry, and/or other fillings and toppings. But we shouldn’t limit ourselves to the traditional Ashkenazi sufganiyah, let’s expand our horizons to include sfinj, a Moroccan donut – essentially fried dough and sugar. What’s not to love?

When thinking about constructing the ultimate Chanukah Donut Crawl (alternatively named the Sufganiyot & Sfinj Crawl) of NY & NJ, I wanted to make sure we properly captured the best of the best. In addition to donuts that I’ve had personally, I’ve reached out to some of my foodie friends (whose palates I trust) and received pointed feedback from a couple fellow Kosher.com writers, Miriam Pascal and Chanie Apfelbaum. I’ve incorporated their feedback into this crawl itinerary presented below, which will undoubtedly require a car, unless you can successfully roll yourself to each destination.


STOP #1: Bagel Nosh in Lakewood, NJ

Miriam claims they make insanely good donuts all year long, specifically their blueberry donut.

Skip the typical glazed donuts and head for the cruller, cronut, and the blueberry. Hard to go wrong.

STOP #2: Hava Java in Monsey, NY

Multiple foodies, including Miriam, have recommended Hava Java as the best donuts in the Monsey region. Their fancy donuts come with a myriad of toppings and are nothing like the typical donuts you’re used to.


Photo courtesy of Hava Java


STOP #3: Paprika in Manhattan, NY

A fleishig restaurant run by an Israeli/Moroccan chef, she prepares traditional Moroccan sfinj (pareve, I believe) as a warm, sweet dessert. No toppings or fillings necessary. Just fried dough & sugar (and maybe some honey). Heaven.

STOP #4: Sesame in Brooklyn, NY

Sesame specializes in making traditional sufganiyot but with about a dozens different fillings, including the irresistible caramel sufganiyah.

STOP #5: Cafe Chocolat in Cedarhurst, NY

Perhaps my personal favorite of the group, Cafe Cholocat makes small batch cronuts every year, only during Chanukah. Last year, their pastries were topped with real cheese frosting and blueberries. They typically sell out each day by midday or earlier during Chanukah, so get there early, or be left wanting for more.


Photo courtesy of Dani Klein/YeahThatsKosher.com


STOP #6: Bakerie in Brooklyn, NY

Bakerie in Crown Heights makes all traditional sufganiyot with non-traditional fillings including salted caramel, berry jam, chocolate, lemon cream, and others. Limited quantities available. Thank you Chanie for the tip!

BONUS: STOP #7: Izzy’s BBQ in Brooklyn, NY

I needed to find a way to get some fleishig donuts in your life, and Izzy’s BBQ (my personal favorite kosher meat restaurant) makes small batch lamb bacon donuts, just for Chanukah. If you’re not full by this point, find a way to stuff this in.


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Hope you enjoy some or all of these spots this Chanukah!

~Dani Klein

Founder of YeahThatsKosher