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Top 10 Favorite Salads

Kosher.com Staff October 15, 2018

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When we serve a salad to guests or bring one to a party, we want a winner: bright, tasty, and crowd-pleasing (no soggy leftovers, please and thank you). Check out our 10 most beloved salad recipes; they won’t steer you wrong.


  1. Simple and Colorful Quinoa Salad by Mali Baer

  2. Crunch and Color Salad by Renee Muller

  3. Fried Sweet Potato and Grilled Pastrami Salad by Zehava Krohn

  4. London Broil Salad by Esther Ottensoser

  5. Sushi Salad by Estee Kafra

  6. Mozzarella Stick Salad by Brynie Greisman

  7. Crispy Pastrami Salad by Rivky Kleiman

  8. Crunchy Ramen Noodle Coleslaw by Bracha Rotberg

  9. Shredded Corned Beef Salad by Rivky Kleiman

  10. Broccoli Salad by Miriam Zupnik