8 Genius Ways To Fit Tea Into Your Life

Goldy Buxbaum June 6, 2021

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Tea makes me think of cold, rain, and wind. Wintertime comfort, only. But why should tea be banished part of the year?


Tea has many health benefits. It aids with hydration and weight loss. It’s loaded with antioxidants that may lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Tea should be enjoyed all year long.


With the summer season starting, here are eight ways to enjoy tea with friends, family, and yourself. (Shoutout to the introverts of the world!)


Tea off the summer season with Wissotzky tea.


1. Family Iced Teatime Station With Toppings


Photography by tomatoes_tomahtos


“Teatime is me time!” Plus all that is important to me – such as family and friends that become family. What better way to spend time together than with a tea station? 


Add some oomph and fun with toppings, such as mint leaves, honey sticks, slices of lemons, limes, peaches, strawberries, and the likes. Tea stations will be trending at a summer barbecue near you!


Have you ever tried Wissotzky Mango & Passion Tea? Serve it chilled over some ice and topped with mango chunks and a dollop of whipped cream. Yum! Not only is it a showstopper but it’s also revitalizing. The same can be said for a cool Wissotzky Nana Lemon Tea garnished with fresh mint leaves and lemon slices and a cherry for good measure.


So, how many tea bags, how much water? You want to get it just right.


Two Wissotzky tea bags for two cups of boiling water. Allow the tea to steep in the water for 15 minutes. Remove the tea bags and refrigerate the tea for a minimum of one hour. Serve over ice.


Sitting around on a hot summer day sipping cool drinks is a sure way to get the conversation flowing and enjoy quality family time well into the evening.


2. Keep Your Kids Hydrated With Fruit-Infused Iced Tea On The Go


Ever hear the kids run through the door after playing outside chanting, “I’m so thirsty!”? Being a devoted and health-conscious parent, you offer them a cold glass of water, only to hear in response the all-too common, “But I don’t like water.” If only you’d have a healthy alternative to juice, soda, or punch.


You do.


Kudos to Wissotzky for supplying moms with healthy options.


Prepare a large pitcher in the mornings and keep it in the fridge all day long.


Keep things exciting and add a layer of flavor. Try some of these fruit-infused combos: Wissotzky Chamomile Honey Tea infused with sliced apples or some Wissotzky Pomegranate Tea with orange slices. Perhaps your kids will appreciate a cool cucumber-watermelon-infused Wissotzky Lemon Tea.


Fill it up in fun to-go cups such as this or this one. They will be the envy of their peers.  Cool cup, cool drink.


All that’s left to say is, “Summer hydration to a tea!”


3. Healthy Tea Popsicles By The Pool


The three Ps of summer, Popsicles, Pool, and Patience — lots of it.


You know those popsicle molds you’ve been filling with juice for the kids to nosh on instead of freeze pops? They look something like this or you can be fancy and get these. Wissotzky will raise it just a tea bit. Fill those molds with your favorite tea flavors. It’s a healthier alternative to juice and a way better option than store-bought ice pops. Mix it up and throw in some fresh fruit. Did someone say blueberries? Yes, please!


Spend summer at the pool while enjoying tealicious popsicles. No longer will your patience be tested, while your children are entertained and refreshed for hours.


4. Tea Granita With Fresh Summer Fruit


Oh my granita! What is that? Think of granita as shaved ice. Cold, crunchy, and refreshing.


Pour your favorite tea in a shallow dish such as a 9×13 pan. I’m thinking of Wissotzky Strawberry Burst Tea over some fresh mint, sliced peaches, and blueberries. Talk about vibrant flavors and colors. Freeze it for 45 minutes to an hour or just until the top layer begins to freeze over. Scrape the ice with a fork, making sure to break up any large chunks. Repeat both steps until it’s all shaved ice. Freeze for an additional four hours prior to serving.


Try some Wissotzky Herbal Wildberry Nectar with some fresh berries and basil. If you’re pining for an exotic vacation, why not try Wissotzky Herbal Mango & Passion and enjoy it with some fresh diced pineapple and shaved coconut.


5. Relax With Warm Tea On A Cool Summer Night


You’re sitting under the stars on a chilly summer night with your favorite book in hand. You’re settled in and up to the best part. You pull your sweater closer in to your body, there is a chill in your bones.


Do you relinquish the fresh outdoor air? Never.


You go inside and prepare yourself a steaming cup of tea. Ahhh… Cabernet, you’ve got nothing on tea!


Tea is “the heat that refreshes,” as quoted by a loving grandmother. Nothing feels as comforting as a warm cider-styled brew. Try some Wissotzky Cinnamon Magic with apple slices.


6. Hydrate With Green Tea Before A Workout


One way to give your body a healthy boost before you work out is to have a cup of green tea about an hour before. It’s proven to significantly speed up the process of breaking down fatty acids.


Combine Wissotzky Green Tea with Rorie’s natural electrolyte drink to maintain proper hydration while working up a sweat.


7. Stave Off Hunger On Long Friday Afternoons With Tea, Biscuits, and Sandwiches



Wissotzky Artisan Tea Collection is a great way to serve some finger sandwiches and biscuits on those long Fridays. Those days never seem to end.


In the pool, out of the pool, back dressed, back in swim gear and in the pool, back out of the pool with track marks all over the clean kitchen floor… Sound familiar?


Keep a tray of finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, veggies, and biscuits to keep hungry souls satiated. There’s no time for a proper meal with all the fun that awaits them. Keep some iced tea out to refresh those that want something cool. Don’t forget some hot tea for those that spent too much time in the pool and their pink lips are not so pink anymore.


8. 3 Hacks To Avoid Diluted Iced Tea


Photography by tomatoes_tomahtos


When the temperatures push 90 degrees and the refreshing iced tea you so lovingly prepared tastes like water, it’s thanks to the melted ice. Bummer.


Here are three simple solutions:


  • When you prepare your tea for the day, pour some off and freeze in ice cube trays. Use your tea cubes to keep your drink cool.


  • Make your tea a bit more concentrated. Even when the ice melts it’ll still be your cuppa tea.


  • Buy reusable ice cubes. Check these out! Take a look at these fruity ones. What fun!


There’s never a wrong time to serve tea. To see more of what Wissotzky has to offer, visit their website at Wissotzky Tea.


Enjoy the moment, because before you know it summer will be over and all that’ll be left are memories. Make sure they’re happy ones.


Summer the way it’s meant to tea.



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