Family Table Recipe Roundup

9 Days Dinner Menus Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Family Table July 20, 2017

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You worked hard making a delicious dinner for your family- but then the inevitable high-pitched voice pipes up from the table. “I don’t like it.” “Why didn’t you make pizza?” “I’m not going to eat this.” And so you sadly bring out the sandwiches and fill bowls of cereal. It doesn’t have to be this way! Prevent the chorus of complainers with this kid-friendly menu for the Nine Days!


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Happy Cooking!


  • Dinner #1, Monday Night: 

Individual Pizza Quesadillas, Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Layers

1. Individual Pizza Quesadillas by Joy Devor


2. Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Layers by Chanie Nayman

       Cheesy Broccoli Potato Layers


  • Dinner #2, Tuesday Night:

Sweet Cheese Lasagna & Cheesy Tater-Tots Casserole

  1. Sweet Cheese Lasagna by Chavi Feldman

  2. Cheesy Tater-Tots Casserole by Faigy Grossman



  • Dinner #2, Wednesday Night:

Mac-and-Cheese Balls, Stuffed Mini Baguettes & Spinach Bites 

  1. Mac-and-Cheese Balls by Rivky Kleiman

  2. Stuffed Mini Baguettes by Faigy Grossman

  3. Spinach Bites by Brynie Greisman



  • Dinner #3, Thursday Night:

Pizza Romano, Mozzarella Stick Salad & Onion Rings 

  1. Pizza Romano by Estee Kafra

  2. Mozzarella Stick Salad by Brynie Greisman

  3. Onion Rings by Sara Wasserman



  • Dinner #4, Sunday Night:

Crispy Dairy Potatoes & Salmon Sub Sliders

  1. Crispy Dairy Potatoes by Faigy Grossman

  2. Salmon Sub Sliders by Brynie Greisman 



  • Dinner #5, Monday Night:

Cheddar Potato Soup & Onion Board

  1. Cheddar Potato Soup by Faigy Grossman

  2. Onion Board by Brynie Greisman


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