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A Classic Boho Chic Chanukah Table Setting

Jackie Yesharim December 10, 2020

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It’s safe to say that Hanukkah is my favorite holiday, I think mostly because there is no fasting involved! In fact, quite the opposite! Bring on the latkes, doughnuts, lights, and everything that goes along with the eight glorious days of celebrating this happy holiday.


To me, setting the tone is most important for any wonderful table. Whether it be fancy, formal, or playful, this holiday is your opportunity to let your creativity shine. I wanted to create a table that wasn’t kitschy or tacky, so as a result, I opted for a less obvious “Hanukkah theme” and instead concentrated on the color palate. And, while I specifically created this tablescape for Hanukkah, I think it would be beautiful for any dinner party throughout the year.



I blended a classic style with boho influences and threw in a bit of my own creative personal touches while while staying true to the original concept of Hanukkah.



At the heart of this tablescape is a six-foot-long dried floral arrangement. I chose to use dried florals so it would last me all eight days while still looking perfectly intact. It helps anchor the palette of brushed gold and blue hues.


To create it I lined up floral foam squares and used dried blue Larkspur, dried lavender, dried centaurea, wheat, and pampas. Then, stem by stem, I inserted them into the foam blocks.


I created a navy velvet napkin ring with everyone’s names monogrammed and a little gold dreidel to add a playful touch, which I wrapped around the hand-dyed blue cheesecloths I used as my napkins.


While decorating with blue and silver or gold is traditional, it’s okay to bend the rules. The most important thing to remember is that Hanukkah is a time to remember, eat, drink, and enjoy being amongst your loved ones! But a beautifully decorated table certainly doesn’t hurt.



Down below you will find all of the vendors and companies I partnered with to create this table setting. Sending you all lots of love & light!


Text and images- Jackie Yesharim @homeoverhouse

Table linens- Elegance TableWare
Chargers- Pier1 Imports
Beaded plate set- Pottery Barn
Brushed gold cutlery- West Elm
Stemware- Godinger
Napkins- SnassyCrafter on Etsy
Dried florals- DriedDecor
Lucite dessert stands- TasselsHomeDecor