Shabbat Menu- Getting Fancy in 30 Minutes Or Less

Kosher.com Staff April 4, 2021

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If we dig into the recesses of our memory, we certainly know the feeling of the day after Tisha B’av, and yet planning a Shabbat Nachamu menu right now feels like I’m planning the menu for my son’s bar mitzvah in three years. We first must experience the mourning process and remove all distraction so that we can fully focus and feel our immense loss. 


The recipes in this roundup are for when you have the headspace to consider reintroducing meat, and beautiful foods in honor of Shabbat. In the meantime, I would like to wish you all an easy and meaningful fast, and may we all see personal redemption as well as collective redemption this year.

Shabbat Shalom,



Crunch and Color Salad by Renee Muller

This salad features so many different components and flavors that blend super well together for a tasty and crunchy dish!


Simple But Delicious London Broil by Chanie Nayman

London Broil is a flavorful and delicious cut of meat that doesn’t require much – add some spices, bake, and it’s ready to go!


Spinach-Topped Chicken Cutlets by Sara Wasserman

This dish is so unique and super simple. The chicken is lightly seasoned, and then topped with a spinach mixture that adds a whole new burst of flavor!


Everything Asparagus by Tamar Teitelbaum

Bright, fresh asparagus covered in a flavorful seasoning that elevates the dish while still being super easy to prepare!


Praline Ice Cream Pie by Pessi Piller

This dessert is the perfect ending to any meal, especially for Shabbat. Don’t be surprised if you get lots of requests for doubles, maybe even triples!