A Shabbat Chanukah Menu Worth Making

Kosher.com Staff December 5, 2023

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We all want a Shabbat Chanukah menu that includes all of the delicious Chanukah foods we wait for each year (hello latkes and donuts), but also one that keeps the early candle lighting time in mind.

This Shabbat Chanukah menu is the perfect mix. There are some more time-consuming treats like Avocado Pastrami Spring Rolls, a latke hack (who has time to shred all those potatoes on a Friday?), and the easiest donut recipe EVER!

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy the company of your loved ones on this coming Shabbat Chanukah!

1. Avocado-Pastrami Spring Rolls by Nechama Norman

I came up with this recipe one day when I was trying to combine ingredients I really like into something delicious and not too difficult.

2. Mini Latke Hack with Crunchy Topping by Michal Frischman

If you’re not in the mood of the grating, the mixing, or even the frying, this quick and easy hack is the best way to get the latke vibes without any of the hassle! Add the topping for a very welcome flavor addition that helps cut through the oil and keep things tasting fresh.

3. Chicken Cacciatore Remake by Brynie Greisman

This is my own version of chicken cacciatore, which was warmly welcomed by all tasters (who became eaters!). It’s fall-off-the-bone soft and full of delicious flavor in each bite.

4. Easy Overnight Glazed Corned Beef by Naomi Hazan

This corned beef recipe is a deli classic minus all the hard work. Both kids and adults will approve!

5. Refreshing Citrus Salad by Mirel Freylich

Simple yet so elegant, this sweet citrus salad excels in taste as well as presentation.

6. Extra Easy Donuts for Chanukah (Sufganiyot) from the Nitra Cookbook

Chanuka is not Chanuka without donuts fried in oil. But no one wants to spend lots of time on a complicated donut recipe when they would rather be spending time with their families, watching the menorah. This donut recipe is classic, so easy to make (they only need to rise for 45 minutes!) and come out looking perfect every time.

7. Homemade Chocolate Gelt by Rachel Kor

These Homemade Chocolate Gelt coins are a favorite of mine. They are everything I want in a recipe when entertaining. They are super easy, quick, beautiful, delicious, and require no baking. And feel free to make these with your guests too–they are SO much fun to create!