“Bubbling Boba Bliss” Is The Only Cocktail You Need This Purim

Avigael Levi March 18, 2024

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With boba being all the rave, we had to try it (duh), but make it alcoholic because, ya know, Purim. This homemade Moscato Boba Drink is easy to make in big batches for your crowd, and a creative way to start using up your candy stash (or mountain, shall we say?).


2 boxes Gefen raspberry (or any flavor) jello

2 cups of kefir

1 bottle MYX mini moscato (any flavor, I used peach)

An assortment of your favorite candies


1. In a large mason jar or bowl, follow package directions to make jello.

2. After two to four hours, or once the jello is set, pour in kefir and MYX mini moscato’s.

3. Gently mix with a spoon until jello separates into little pieces.

4. In your cocktail glasses, add desired candy and pour boba jelly drink over.

5. Top with candy and serve.

Watch how it’s made below!