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Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut With Our Favorite Israeli Episodes!

Rachel Kor May 14, 2024

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Welcome to a very special roundup dedicated to celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. In this roundup, we’re embarking on a nostalgic journey down memory lane, revisiting past Israeli episodes on Kosher.com!

Each episode offers something unique, from savoring an Israeli-style dinner and blind-taste testing Israeli foods to embarking on a special tour of Israel and exploring ancient wine terroirs!

Watch the videos below and immerse yourself in the essence of Israel as we commemorate the remarkable journey of the State of Israel on this very special day.

1. Take a Tour of Israel! by Club Jr.

2. Club Jr. Special! A trip to Beit Shemesh by Club Jr.

3. Israeli vs. American: Which Food Products are Better? by Danielle Renov

Ever wonder about the difference between the Israeli and American versions of your favorite products? Danielle puts her sons Meir and Dovi to the test to see if they can tell them apart blindfolded!

4. Shiloh Winery: Timeless Terroir, Divine Wine by Wine of the Week

Shiloh Winery is not just a place located in the hills of central Samaria; it’s a living testament to prophecies coming to life. Today we are exploring what is probably the most ancient wine terroir in the world with head winemaker Amichai Lourie.

5. Pizza With Caroline D’Amore, The Pro-Israel Pizza Girl by Sunny Side Up with Naomi Nachman

Caroline D’Amore from California is joining Naomi on the set of Sunny Side Up in this exclusive episode! Most famously known as the creator of Pizza Girl, Caroline has become a passionate supporter for the Jewish people and Israel in recent times. Tune in as they delve into Caroline’s journey to opening Pizza Girl, her innovative pizza oven creation, her perspectives on Israel and the Jewish community and more!

6. Breaking Bread: In Danielle’s Jerusalem Kitchen | Episode 1 by Breaking Bread

Danielle welcomes us into her very own kitchen in Jerusalem. She blends her different cultures and backgrounds and brings us 2 delicious recipes with unique Moroccan twists. Watch how she makes a one-of-a-kind after-school snack and a warm and hearty one-pot dinner that is sure to become a family favorite!

7. Simple Shawarma Supper by Supper, Again?

Rena’s kids love shawarma, so she went on a mission to re-create the best homemade version. With this amazing kitchen gadget, you’ll have shawarma on the table in no time. Serve with French fries and Israeli salad and dinner is all set!

8. Let Us Go, Parshat Bo by Shabbat Shmooze with Charlene

Parshat Bo marks the week of our miraculous redemption from Mitzrayim.
Join Charlene in this inspirational episode as we apply the incredible lessons from this week’s parsha to our daily circumstances.