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Cornish Hens: The Most Elegant Main Dish for Rosh Hashanah

Cornish Hens: The Most Elegant Main Dish for Rosh Hashanah

Sponsored by David Elliot Poultry Farm Inc.

There is nothing quite like the experience of cooking with David Elliot’s Rock Cornish Hens. David Elliot Poultry Farm prides itself on their humane care of all their birds with a beautifully balanced diet that has no animal byproducts or hormones. With their tender meat and succulent flavor, you can honestly taste the difference in their results.

The beautiful, perfectly portioned hen automatically elevates your meal with its simple elegance, petite size, and caramelized skin. The quality of the poultry cannot be beat, and not much is needed to make this bird taste delicious. That being said, we do have a few recipes for you to try out for your Shabbos table, an upcoming Yom Tov, or any other special occasion. We hope you enjoy.

1. Sweet and Savory Cornish Hens by Charnie Kohn

We really don’t have to work too hard to make this Cornish Hen the star of the show. With a few staple spices and a quickly prepared glaze, we elevate the bird from incredible to overwhelmingly delicious. Enjoy.

2. Harissa and Herb Roasted Cornish Hens with Crispy Smashed Potatoes by Chaya Rappoport

I love Cornish Hens. Their small size means they cook faster than a whole chicken, and their skin crisps up delightfully in the oven. Here, I coat the Cornish Hens with a punchy, flavorful harissa and herb dressing. A little lemon brightens it all up, and the hens bake on a sheet tray, with crispy smashed potatoes. It’s dinner in less than an hour – my favorite kind of dinner.

3. Herb Marinated Cornish Hens by Faigy Murray

Make your Yom Tov table that much more festive this year with these incredibly beautiful crowd-pleasing and delicious Cornish hens! Best part? It’s a bit of a process but easy and worth every step!!

4. Sweet and Sour Cornish Hens with Roasted Root Vegetables by Jacqueline Elbaz

5. Lemon Pepper and Herb Cornish Hens by Sara Goldstein

Cornish hens are a delicious and beautiful way to enhance your Yom Tov table without breaking the bank. I love the combination of dried herbs and lemon pepper. It’s a perfect blend to enjoy as the weather turns slightly cooler.

6. David Elliot Rock Cornish Hens with Fragrant Rice Stuffing by Yussi Weisz

A few weeks ago, Yussi personally visited the David Elliot Poultry Farm in Scranton, PA. He got to go behind the scenes and see firsthand how the chicken is processed. He met the Fink family, the owners behind the 3-generation business, and learned where his chicken comes from. Watch the video here to see why Yussi left excited and eager to cook a Cornish Hen for his Rosh Hashana seudah, with well-balanced spices, aromatic rice stuffing, and delightful garnishes!

A few weeks ago, Yussi Weisz visited the David Elliot Poultry Farm in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to see it for himself. He got to experience the real behind-the-scenes and meet the family behind the business, and see for himself where his chickens are really coming from. Watch the video here!