“Describe That” Will Be Your Family’s New Favorite Chanukah Game!

Rachel Kor December 12, 2022

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We know how important Chanukah entertainment is to families. Whether it is to be enjoyed over Shabbat, or for a weeknight in with family, there’s something extra magical about sitting down with loved ones and having a great time, playing games or even doing crafts together over the holiday.


Like the game we published last week, this game doesn’t require any special materials. There’s no need to run to the store or order a bunch of supplies online. Everything can be found right in your own home.


This game does require lots of Chanukah toys/items. So for all of you who like to buy all those Chanukah trinkets in the stores now, this is a great time to use them in a fun and unique way.



“Describe That”

For ages 8+
4-player game + 1 non-player


What you will need:


  • 12 different kid-friendly Chanukah-related objects (Can be toys, crafts supplies. Anything from around the house.)
  • 2 bags to put all the items in
  • A timer, optional



How to play:

1. Designate a non-player to split the 12 items evenly between the two bags, so you have 6 items per bag. Make sure none of the players see what’s going into the bags.
2. Split everyone into teams of 2. 


3. Each team chooses 1 player to go first. The player going first must select a toy from the bag without looking. They must also make sure not to take the item out of the bag so their teammate doesn’t see what they are holding. The only other person who can see the item selected is the non-player. 


4. The player going first now describes the item with a 1-word clue to his/her teammate. The teammate has 1 chance to guess what the item is based on the 1-word clue. If they guess wrong, it’s team number 2’s turn to go. 


5. Team #2 now repeats the same process with 1 item from their bag. If they guess incorrectly, it’s team #1’s turn again. 


6. Each team must continue guessing the same item on each turn until it’s guessed correctly. Once a team guesses an item correctly, they can move on to the next item in their bag. 


7. Both teams continue taking turns guessing until there are no more items in the bag. The first team to empty their bag wins. 


8. To make this game more competitive, feel free to set timers for each turn.


Photography by Sara Goldstein