Mother’s Day

Make a Brunch Box for Mother’s Day

Kosher.com Staff May 4, 2022

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Brunch is a no-brainer on Mother’s Day, but a brunch box? Mind blown.


Putting brunch in a box and taking it to the backyard, or to your Mom’s favorite park takes Mother’s Day to a whole new level! The good news is that it doesn’t take much more effort than brunch at the kitchen table since you’re preparing (almost) the same foods anyway.



Let’s talk about the food. Anything that can fit into small containers will work well. If you’d like to include bigger foods like bread, drinks, or pastries, then leave some room on the side of your containers, as pictured above. Below are some of our food suggestions.


Pitted olives
Israeli salad
Salmon salad
Cubed cheese
Scrambled eggs
Mini bread loaves
Mini brie cheese
Tuna salad
Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes
Her favorite pastries
Hard boiled eggs
Mini waffles
Mini cheese quiche (feel free to use store-bought crusts)


You can be as creative as you like, but be sure to pack Mom’s favorite treats.



Next, the packaging!


We love these mini square tins with lids. You can fit a nice amount of food in each, and they look so pretty.


Next, you’ll need something to carry all those pretty tins in. You can use a picnic basket, a wooden crate, or box, but our favorite is a tray. You may be surprised to see that you already have one of these in the house. Take a look around and be creative!


All that is left to do now is find the perfect spot to enjoy it.


We hope this makes Mother’s Day that much more special for you and Mom this Sunday.