A Donut Wall is What Your Chanukah Party is Missing

Esther Ottensoser December 5, 2017

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Donuts are always front and center at Chanukah parties, but these donuts are just off the wall!


Donut walls are the latest trend and are being displayed not only at informal parties but also at high-end weddings and events. This fun DIY donut bar, along with donut-themed prizes and giant “donut” cakes, will pretty much round out a memorable and unique Chanukah party.



This donut wall is the solution to displaying donuts without the icing or sprinkles messing up your table. It also does double duty as a gorgeous backdrop for your event. Each dowel can hold two donuts for a total of 50 donuts.


If that isn’t enough donuts for you, you can line up multiple donut displays for a whole backsplash of donut delights. This eye-catching concept creates what appears to be a wall of floating donuts, a vertical visual treat for the eyes (and mouth)! And it’s so practical (not to mention financially savvy) to have your food double as the décor.


Don’t limit yourself to donuts. This piece is uber functional; you can use the wall as a display year-round. Try hanging bagels for your next brunch or cookies or party favors for your kid’s birthday bash. Unleash your creativity! The options are as broad as your imagination.


Donut walls can be also be made out of peg boards and can serve as a fun family activity as well! Purchase unglazed donuts from your local donut shop (you may have to preorder them). Spread out a variety of icings and toppings, and let the fun begin! I put icing and toppings in small shot glasses, which helps to contain a potential mess and also helps to ensure that the children don’t overdo it!



Icing and toppings are often available to purchase at donut shops.


For the donuts on the donut wall, I used white cookie dip for the glaze. Please note that it dries in seconds, so I don’t recommend using it in the shot glasses for the DIY bar. For that, I prefer to use a regular glaze that doesn’t dry as fast. 


Make Your Party Donut-Centric:

Donut Prizes: Oriental Trading and Amazon have adorable donut-themed prizes that will add fun and excitement to your party.


Donut Cake: Using your favorite white cake mix and a ring-shaped cake pan, make and decorate three cakes with a simple icing and toppings of your choice. (Check out Esty Wolbe’s go-to icing.) Stack them on top of one another to display.  


Donut Boxes: Prepare take-home boxes for your guests to fill, and add a custom label for personalization. These boxes are from Amazon. (I used cupcake boxes without the insert.)



DIY Donut Wall



You Will Need:

    • Pegboard (available at your local hardware store) cut down to desired size.
    • Non-toxic paint
    • Paint brush
    • 48×1/4” wooden dowels cut into ¾” pieces
    • Saw
    • Sandpaper (100 grit)



Step 1: Clean your pegboard with a non-toxic cleaner so the surface is food safe. Or paint the pegboard, and leave it to dry overnight. Note: be sure to use non-toxic paint so the surface is food safe.)

Step 2: Using a saw, carefully cut the wooden dowels into 4 long pieces.

Step 3: Sand the edges of each dowel with sandpaper.

Step 4: Insert dowels in pegboard.

Step 5: Hang donuts and display.



Acrylic donut wall is available for purchase or rent by calling 732-757-9340 or visiting Craftsbyesthero.com– shipping options available. Check out the new, huge, wide-width fabric selection at Stitch n Sew- just in time for Chanukah. They will turn any of their stunning fabrics into tablecloths, tablets, or runners. Call 732-363-2220. Box and Prize jar labels by OMG Design- 347-419-3570. Smaller donut displays available on Amazon.


This piece was previously published in Family Table and is printed here with permission from Mishpacha Magazine