Elegant, Effortless, And Affordable: You’ll Never Want To Gift Wine Any Other Way

Rachel Kor February 22, 2023

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There’s always a reason to give wine on Purim. Even if you’re not including it in the bulk of your Mishloach Manot, there will most likely be one or two bottles that you end up giving out.


Instead of putting a bottle in a simple wine bag, get a bit more creative and add vines (or flowers) to your wine Mishloach Manot.


Below we’ve created 3 unique designs that are inexpensive and incredibly fast and simple to put together. Pair them with a little snack or a box of chocolate of your choice for a complete Mishloach Manot.


They present so beautifully and will wow anyone you give them to! Of course, these can also be used as beautiful hostess gifts for Shabbat and Yom Tov as well.


Here’s how to make each design.


Orchids And Moss


I love how bold and vibrant this design is. It looks elegant and special, but literally takes minutes to put together.



What you will need:


Wine box


Faux flowers of your choice

Wine of your choice
Glue dots, optional




1. Fill your box with a bed of moss.

2. Place your wine bottle on top and fill the box with more moss if needed.

3. Cut flowers off stem and place in two bunches on opposite corners of the box. Once the box is closed, the flowers should stay in place, but if you’d prefer they be more set, use glue dots to keep them in place.


Mini Bouquet


I knew I wanted to add an accessory to one of the designs in this article. When I stumbled upon these dream catchers on Amazon, I knew they would be the perfect touch. The frayed cream ribbon, paired with the sweet little flower bouquet, makes this a very special gift indeed.




What you will need:



Faux flowers of your choice

Flower wire

Dream catcher

Wine of your choice




1. Attach the dream catcher to the bottle of wine using the ribbon tied in a simple bow.


2. Make a mini bouquet of flowers, and use the wire to hold it together.


3. Using more wire, attach the bouquet to the dream catcher.


A Touch Of Eucalyptus


Most people’s go-to for gifting wine is a wine bag, and for good reason. It’s easy to transport, and, well, takes the least amount of effort. To appeal to the wine bag fans out there, I knew I wanted to include one here, but in a more elevated (but still easy) way. This design checks all the boxes.



What you will need:


Wine bag

Eucalyptus leaves

Wine of your choice
Hot glue gun




1. Cut the eucalyptus down to the size of your liking. Play around with it before glueing.


2. Using the hot glue gun, glue the leaves onto the bag, avoiding the plastic window.


Photography by Sara Goldstein