Great Chanukah Gifts For Teachers

Malky Gestetner November 29, 2023

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I’d like to share my idea of ‘thoughtful presents’ for our teachers. Teachers are incredibly thoughtful individuals. They wholeheartedly care for our children, constantly giving their creativity and emotions. Let’s show our appreciation by being thoughtful back. I’ve gathered a range of gift ideas that I believe will touch our teachers’ hearts and bring them joy. I’ve included gifts ranging from classy to homemade, while trying to keep a budget in mind.

1. Teacher Tote Bag

Teachers are always carrying a million and one things. This is that good ‘extra’ bag, for the extra floating items they would otherwise juggle in and out of the classroom.

2. Personalized Stamp

I mean, this is the cutest thing ever. A stamp that the teacher can use to grade papers with. This will make their lives easier, and it also adds fun to the childrens’ school experience.

3. Personalized Note Pad

These notes add a personal touch, reminiscent of the Mitzvah notes my daughter’s teacher would send in the reverse, from Morah to Mommy. They’re ideal for any message the teacher wants to write throughout the day.

4. Glass Coffee Cups

I have a personal fondness for drinks served in glass cups; they simply make everything taste better. And those ‘teacher’ nutrition facts label? It describes your feelings for the teacher- in the cutest way possible.

5. Teacher’s Gift Certificate With Chalk Board

Gift certificates make excellent presents for our children’s teachers, whether it’s for a manicure, a local café, or a teachers’ supply store. Take it up a level by presenting it with an adorable little chalk board and writing a sweet message like ‘Thank you for everything, Love Chani and her Mommy.’

6. Molton Brown Body Lotion

Molton Brown Lily Magnolia is the most heaven of scents; it’s a classy gift that brings you a paradise experience.

7. Picture Frame With Handwritten Letter

Replacement Scrabble Letters

Picture Frames

Let’s get crafting – don’t worry, it’s simple! Order affordable picture frames and Scrabble pieces from Amazon. Use the Scrabble pieces to spell out the teacher’s name or a simple ‘thank you’ and glue them onto the frame wherever you like. Complete the project with a special touch by having your child write a handwritten note to the teacher – making the gift both meaningful and cute.

8. Teacher-Themed Chocolate

While working on this article, I discovered that there is no kosher chocolate designed specifically for teachers. I contacted Mr. Serkez of Le Chocolat, and, in response to my request, he created a special chocolate mold that reads, ‘The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.’ At Le Chocolat, you’ll find more than just classy gifts. The chocolate is exceptionally delicious, making it the perfect combination for a gesture of appreciation.

9. Glass Pitcher

This new Ikea product is fantastic—it doubles as a pitcher or a vase, which I love for its multi-purpose usefulness. To make it an even better gift for teachers, add a couple of flowers to elevate its presentation and take the gift to the next level.

10. Levitating Globe

This is a twist on a classic teacher’s gift that encapsulates the essence of what teachers love. The levitating magnetic globe stands out as an exceptionally cool tool, teaching map skills in an innovative and captivating way.