Newlywed-Worthy Shabbat Menu

Kosher.com Staff August 11, 2021

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Making Shabbat for the first time can definitely be overwhelming.


Since we are at the height of wedding season, we thought it would be nice to make a Shabbat menu focused all on easy, doable but still wow-worthy Shabbat dishes that are perfect for newlyweds (or really anyone!). 


I remember the first Shabbat I made on my own married I was on the phone with my mom every 5 minutes asking her questions. How I would have wished to have a menu like this! 

If you are a newlywed, we have some other great resources for you like an Easy Shabbat Dinner, Recipes for Newlyweds Who Are New to Cooking, and 1 Month Menu Plan for Newlyweds

Happy cooking!



  1. Rebbetzin Kohens Yerushalmi Challah


  2. Roasted Salmon with Maple Glaze by Levana Kirschenbaum

    The short and dazzling flavor lineup does its magic with practically no work. You will never say you are bored of salmon again!

  3. Shabbos Fish by Nitra Cookbook

    Shabbos Fish

  4. Best Chicken Soup by Esther Deutch

    Best Chicken Soup
    Golden and delicious, just like your Bubbys!

  5. Guaranteed Professional Knaidlech by Nitra Cookbook


  6. Five Minute Coleslaw by Nitra Cookbook

    Five Minute Coleslaw

  7. Traditional Potato Kugel

    Potato Kugel

  8. Yaptzik Potato and Meat Kugel by Naomi Nachman


  9. Yussi’s Chopped Liver by Yussi Weisz

    Yussi Chopped Liver

  10. Sauteed Liver by Nitra Cookbook

    sauteed liver

  11. Shredded Corned Beef Salad by Rivky Kleiman

    shredded corned beef salad

  12. Cold Cut Salad with Maple Dressing by Brynie Greisman

    Hope you’ll enjoy the ease and accessibility of this quick and delicious salad.

  13. Garlic and Lemon Baked Chicken by Avigail Maizlik

    An easy-to-prepare chicken with a delightful flavor. All the ingredients combine together during the baking for a uniquely delicious dish.

  14. Sweet and Sour French Roast by Rivky Kleiman

    Sweet and Sour French Roast

  15. Sweet and Sour Meatballs from the Dining In Cookbook

    The perfect combination of sweet and sour, these meatballs are tender yet firm, holding their shape beautifully.

  16. Worlds Easiest Deli Roll by Dining In
    Worlds Easiest Deli Roll
  17. Smoked Paprika Schnitzel by Yaniv Cohen

  18. Classic Farfel by Nitra Cookbook
    Classic Farfel
  19. Lazy Mans Cholent by Leah Shapira

    lazy mans chulent

  20. Barbecue Pastrami Pizza by Estee Kafra

    This fun idea takes just minutes to throw together. It’s perfect as an appetizer or a side!

  21. Tart and Tangy Apple Kugel by Dining In

    Tart and Tangy Apple Kugel

  22. Mixed Berry Apple Bake

    Mixed Berry Apple Crisp

  23. No Margarine Chocolate Babka


  24. Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake with Chocolate Drizzle by Rivky Kleiman

    Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

  25. Chocolate Devil Food Cake from the Nitra Cookbook

    A basic, easy chocolate cake, perfect for a Shabbat dessert.