Why Macaroons are Still the Quintessential Passover Staple

Esty Wolbe March 22, 2018

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Coconut macaroons are the quintessential Passover staple. When we think of Passover foods, the list goes as follows: Matzah, maror, coconut macaroons. And for good reason! These coconut mounds are sweet and chewy and currently come in lots of fun, new flavors. Whether you’re a Simply Vanilla fan or more of a Toffee Time person, there’s a flavor out there to please everyone’s taste buds.

Macaroons are perfect just the way they are, but they can easily be transformed into pie crusts, ice cream sandwiches, or these no-bake thumbprint cookies! Here’s how I make them.


No-bake cookies are wonderful because they’re super simple to prepare and require very little advance planning. A batch of these thumbprint cookies can be made in just a few minutes! And the best part is, you likely have all of the ingredients on hand. Because they’re soft and malleable, there’s no need for any special equipment. All you need are coconut macaroons, a measuring spoon (or your thumb ;)), and fillings of your choice.


This is a great treat to make with the kids to get them excited about cooking and the upcoming holiday. They’ll be so proud to present their beautiful creations… if they can resist eating them immediately.



We start by making a well, or thumbprint, in the center of each macaroon. Working with one at a time, place a macaroon in front of you, and use the back of a 1/2 tsp measuring spoon to create an indentation. Use even pressure as you press down.


If the macaroon cracks slightly as you press, don’t worry. Just use your other hand to gently press the perimeter back into place while you create the well. Repeat with the remaining macaroons. At this point, they can be refrigerated or frozen. Chilling them makes them slightly easier to work with because they become less prone to breaking or cracking as they’re handled during filling.


Now we fill the wells! I like to think of classic flavor pairings to help guide my flavor combinations. Chocolate chip macaroons filled with chocolate ganache are my favorite! To prepare the chocolate ganache, heat equal parts chocolate and whip topping until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth. While the ganache is warm, spoon some into the thumbprint wells and allow to set. The end result is rich, fudgy and just perfect.



You can drizzle them with melted chocolate to make them extra special.


Another favorite is Simply Vanilla macaroons filled with Tuscanini Forest Fruit Jam. The jam not only tastes delicious, it also makes a vibrant, striking cookie. Feel free to use your favorite flavor.


And of course, for all the almond butter lovers out there, Doubley Chocolate macaroons filled with almond butter hit the spot! Almond butter is easier to work with when slightly warmed through, but it can be used right out of the jar as well.

Let your imagination run wild and see what flavor combinations you and your kids can come up with! Almond butter and jam would make a great match. Classic coconut macaroons and lemon curd are next on my personal to-make list. The possibilities truly are endless. What’s your favorite flavor?


Watch Esty make these delicious no bake macaroon thumbprint cookies on Easy Does It 



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