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A Week Of Easy And Delicious Dinners To Make On Repeat

A Week Of Easy And Delicious Dinners To Make On Repeat

Dinner time can be a struggle on many levels, but actually deciding what to make is half the challenge. Once we have a menu in place, the rest of the process seems a lot easier.


Anyone else feel the same way?


For those of you who just need help deciding what to make every week, we’ve created an easy and tasty meal plan for you. We’ve included recipes for chicken and beef lovers, as well as vegetarian and pizza fans.


We hope this meal plan is a hit with you and your loved ones and makes the week a bit easier.


For those interested in DAILY recipes, be sure to join our WhatsApp group, “What’s For Dinner” HERE! Delicious and easy recipes will be sent directly to your phone. Can’t get easier than that!


Monday: Glazed Meatloaf

From the Dining In Cookbook


Meatloaf is a family favorite for a reason! This recipe has that classic sweet profile that really appeals to kids.


Tuesday: Red Vegetarian Chili

By Sara and Yossi Goldstein


Warm up with a classic bean chili that’s both hearty and nourishing. It’s parve, so you can serve it with all the fun toppings like sour cream and even shredded cheddar cheese if you’d like. The Knorr Shakshuka Sauce works instead of a can of diced tomatoes and lends a lot more flavor.


Wednesday: Crispy Sesame Chicken Rice Bowl

By Adina Silberman


Breaded fried chicken cooked to perfection. Served with rice, it makes a delicious and quick weekday meal.


Thursday: Easy Pizza Babka

By Nechama Norman


Everyone’s favorite classic pizza flavors, served up in a fresh new way! This is a great recipe to prepare with kids. They’ll love to mix up the cheese mixture, spread it on the dough, and help to squish the rolls into the pans.