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Have Health, Will Travel

Bina Gottdiener August 10, 2023

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Summer’s in full swing, and there’s nothing like making meaningful memories and sharing incredible moments. Some of us do that by traveling, exploring the world, and seeking adventure. One of the best ways to feel good on our excursions is by investing a miniscule amount of time in thinking about how we’ll fuel the fun with good nutrition. 

Tip #1: Maintain your water first and make it “most.” Make sure you drink, drink, drink – even more than usual. Why? Firstly, the air on the plane (or in the car!) dries us out, so getting extra hydration will counteract those effects. Secondly, being sufficiently hydrated lessens the effects of jet lag and airplane fog/ car sickness and will help you feel more energetic on your trip. If you are flying, make sure to take along a big empty water bottle that will make it past security. Once you’re on the flight, go to the galley kitchen and ask them to fill you up. This will ensure you have a steady water supply you don’t have to keep getting up for, plus it will eliminate the stress of an open cup that can spill at any given moment. If you’re picky about the taste of your water, bring along some water enhancers like sliced lemons in a little ziptop bag to add to your water bottle when you’re on the plane.

Tip #2:  Veggies most. Slice up as many crunchy veggies as time allows: different colored peppers, cucumbers, carrots, kohlrabi, celery, etc. Or even better, just pack washed cucumbers and peppers and bite off the ends (not kidding!). If you don’t have a weight limit, canned vegetables like baby corn, hearts of palm and pickles (look for low-sodium!) come in very handy, too. There’s something about munching on the plane, bus, or car that’s very comforting and satisfying – so expect those cravings and be prepared for them!

Tip #3: Pack small containers of healthy fats for dipping: hummus, techina, pesto, guacamole, salsa, sundried tomato dip, etc. If you’re going to be on the plane at mealtime, ensure that you pack yourself a full meal versus tons of snacks to compensate.

Tip #4: If you’re traveling during a mealtime, you may still be hungry regardless of all the snacking, because your body is expecting a meal. Wraps are my meal of choice on the go. Mezonos wraps are fantastic. Look for ones with high fiber and protein content to keep you satiated for longer. Salads work too (you can prepare them in hard plastic cylinder containers with the dressing in a small plastic bag on top, those are really easy to shake.) 

Or you can buy Heaven and Earth’s new prepackaged Tuna Salad with Quinoa for a meal that includes the protein and fiber-rich carbs for you in one package deal. Plus, it is gluten free and ready to eat. 

What I love about wraps, sandwiches, and salads is that you can incorporate tons of veggies, quality protein, and delicious condiments to make a nutrient-packed meal on the go. They really hit the spot. Options are endless, so go crazy!

Tip #5: When packing healthy fats and fiber-filled carbohydrates, try to avoid packing a full bag (i.e. full bag of crackers, full bag of dried mango, etc.). Rather, portion them out so you don’t find yourself chain eating directly from the bag or container. If you don’t have time, pack the full bag along with some small ziptop bags, plastic cups, or bowls. Then portion out on the go. This method will leave you feeling fuller and more in control. It’s worth it. 

Fiber-filled carbohydrates of choice can be anything with a decent fiber content and a drop of protein: good grain crackers, spelt cakes, whole wheat pretzels, healthy muffins, healthy granola bars… and more. 

Healthy fats and “accessories” like dried fruit, nuts, and seeds are great to take along, but make sure they’re not eaten excessively, since they’re condensed energy sources. Prepackaging them or portioning on the go is the best way to ensure you eat wisely.

Tip #6: Enjoy and kiss stress goodbye! The entire point of your summer travels is for your and your family’s enjoyment. If healthy eating is causing you stress, let go! Enjoy the moment and recognize that you’ll be back in routine before you know it. Try to identify triggering elements and eliminate them. Food can be a big part of your experience, so above all, make sure your meals work for you and your family, and that they foster health and happiness.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy summer, with plenty of beautiful memories to last a lifetime!


Hi! I’m Bina, certified nutritionist and health coach. I love helping women feel their best through personal consults and health groups at my practice, Happy & Healthy Nutrition. With focus, positivity, and determination, we maximize our potential while having a blast! For further deets, drop a line at [email protected]. We love hearing from you!