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Herzog Lineage: The Highest Standards From One Generation to the Next

Gabriel Geller January 30, 2019

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Consistency in winemaking is always a challenge. No winery can achieve success and recognition without maximizing control over the production process. No matter how skilled and talented a winemaker is, good wine cannot be made without good grapes. Growing and cultivating grapes may seem easy, but the reality is quite different. The quality of the grapes in any given vintage depends very much on the weather. Other than G-d, nobody can control the weather. Making quality wine every year, consistently, is no simple endeavor. In the Herzog family, it is a passion handed down from generation to generation. A drive to reach the highest mark of craftsmanship; to build from the achievements of the past and press forward to excellence. To do this, one must be a student of the soil and the vine – and must also be a teacher. The work is unforgiving and the desire unyielding; but the reward is recorded in each step of the journey.


The history of the Herzog family’s winemaking tradition is a story told over nine generations. It begins in the early 19th century in the town of Vrbové in Slovakia. There, the Herzogs crafted wines of royal acclaim for over 150 years, with each of six generations passing their legacy down to the next. Since moving to the United States in 1948, that tradition has continued under the sixth, seventh, eighth and now ninth generations with a commitment to excellence undiminished by time.


The author of these lines is known for his near-obsession with wines that provide a high Quality-Price-Ratio (QPR), as well as for advocating one’s expanding of horizons by exploring the many varieties of grapes and styles of wine. It is true that there are thousands of grape varieties in the world from which wine can be made. Yet, not all of those varieties are or have been used (yet) to produce kosher wine. The Herzog family however has been playing a crucial role over the past 3 decades in bringing an impressive and ever growing selection of wines to the kosher consumer.


The quality of a wine is not always on par with its price. Herzog Wine Cellars have for decades proven their ability at making good QPR wines, at all levels. It takes however lots of talent to create wines with great QPR. Herzog Lineage is a celebration of the Herzog family’s heritage. It is a new series of high QPR wines which are made from a diversity of grape varieties, sourced from selected vineyards in California.



The Herzog Lineage lineup is comprised of 7 wines, including a Sauvignon Blanc, a Rosé, as well as a soon to be released sparkling wine.


Herzog Lineage Choreograph

Region: Prince Vineyard, Clarksburg, California.


Choreograph is a field blend of 12 varietals, all grown in the Herzog family’s Prince Vineyard in Clarksburg, CA. This bold red offers notes of candied cherry, rose petal, Asian pear and blackberry aromas. The fruit flavors linger long on the finish with soft tannins, as well as hints of leather, anise and toasted pine nut.

“Choreograph is a seamless dance of 12 grape varieties –– grown and harvested from a secluded portion of the Herzog’s Prince Vineyard, then fermented and aged into a single, unique wine.”

David Herzog, 7th Generation.


Herzog Lineage Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: Paso Robles, California.


Grown in Paso Robles, one of the most famous AVAs in California, this bold and rich Cabernet Sauvignon displays wonderful aromas of black cherry, boysenberry and tobacco. A soft mouth-feel, as well as pleasantly rich yet soft tannins, make this big red a perfect food wine. 

“Every detail of this wine was meticulously crafted; from selecting the soil, the root stock and clones, the trellis, right down to the direction that the rows were planted.”

Mordy Herzog, 8th Generation.



Herzog Lineage Chardonnay:

Region: Clarksburg, California.


The grapes were carefully selected from vineyards in Clarksburg, California. This medium-bodied, slightly creamy and deliciously complex Chardonnay exhibits all of the elegant characteristics of the variety grown in this renowned appellation, with notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

“To make a great Chardonnay, knowing your vineyard is vital. The Dijon Clone that we chose for this wine has just the right growing conditions in our Estate Vineyard.”

Nathan Herzog, 8th Generation.



Herzog Lineage Pinot Noir:

Region: Clarksburg, California.


Also grown in Clarksburg, this Pinot Noir boasts intense aromas of red cherry and milk chocolate. Soft notes of ripe black cherry and strawberry jam are noticeable on the light to medium-bodied palate. A touch of oak from the barrel ageing brings out hints of sandalwood and cinnamon towards a smooth and lasting finish.

“Blending Pinot Noir grapes from three different vineyards inspired me to allow the variety to perfectly represent itself.”

Joe Hurliman, Winemaker.



Herzog Lineage Sauvignon Blanc, Musqué Clone:

Region: Lake County, California.


Redolent of freshly cut limes, roasted pineapple and honeysuckle, the Herzog Lineage Musque Clone Sauvignon Blanc of Lake County complements dishes of delicate fish and fresh herbs, with its citrusy notes and creamy mouthfeel.

“To raise this Sauvignon Blanc Musqué properly, we spread our roots north to Lake County – and when you experience the aromas and flavors in this bottle, you will understand why we did that.”

Joseph Herzog, 8th Generation.



Herzog Lineage Rosé:

Region: Clarksburg, California.


This Rosé is a red field blend, fermented with indigenous yeast and developed without intervention. Earthy, with hints of tarragon, thyme and candied fruit on the nose, this Herzog Lineage Rosé finishes with lingering notes of pomegranate and watermelon.

“This Rosé is harvested by hand, carefully pressed and fermented spontaneously using indigenous yeast–and the wine that comes from that delicate care is truly unique and special.”

Michael Herzog, 8th Generation.