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Heshy Jay September 15, 2017

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Exclusively on Kosher.com, Scoop and Co.’s Heshy Jay has combined his stylistic flair and original ideas to create a Rosh Hashanah masterpiece. 

At the center of any holiday table is just that- the table. Never one to overlook a detail, Heshy has gotten his Rosh Hashanah table ready for such a formal occasion by stick with classic black and white. He started with a textured white tablecloth to add dimension to the formality of the white, and then he secured a black ribbon around the upper edge of this table. This little adjustment is something anyone can do at home, and it brings a new, heightened elegance to the look. 



Setting the table, Heshy continued his white and black theme, adding white chargers, black plates, and black drinking goblets. Each had gold trim, giving the ensemble even more richness. Gold silverware complemented the gold-trimmed place settings perfectly, and a white cloth napkin and white and black menu card completed the look. 



To add another level, a black-accented vase with stunning calla lilies as well as black and white acrylic candlesticks bring an approachable, modern extravagance. Rounding out the full setting are a traditional round challah, a plated fish-head, and a black and white marble cutting board featuring many of the traditional Rosh Hashanah simanim, traditional foods eaten on Rosh Hashanah to symbolically represent health and wealth in the coming year. 



Once the stage — or the table — was set, it was time to create some signature dishes that will do the elegance of the table setting justice! Heshy incorporated the traditional simanim into some envy-inducing appetizer ideas. 

These are not your mother’s simanim-inspired appetizers. Heshy started with an exquisite Wild Salmon Ceviche. Finely chopped wild salmon (no need to use the fish head!) was expertly combined with black-eyed peas, mango, and fresh herbs. Once assembled, the ceviche was topped with fresh carrot chips and a honey-mustard sauce. 




If not everyone at the table is a fish lover, Heshy’s got you covered. Roasted baby lamb chops are not only striking but also delectable. Heshy’s are paired with an apple and pomegranate salad and topped with crispy-fried leeks.




There are many different and delicious ways to incorporate simanim into your holiday meal. There’s no need to stop at appetizers. Kosher.com has hundreds of recipes that use simanim– salads, sides, mains, and even desserts.