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Heshy Jay

Heshy Jay is a globally renowned event designer. His unique style, and out of the box approach, has earned him his reputable name, amongst both his fellow competitors and clients alike for creating magical environments and timeless ambiance. Since the founding of Scoop & Company in 1998 , Heshy's talents and versatility, has allowed him to lend his contemporary flair for creating events that are both dramatically elegant, and modern-chic. He has established himself to become the premier event producer to a vast client roster, that includes celebrities, as well as many large-scale organizations. Notwithstanding his elite status, he is down to earth, personable and approachable, bringing his statement personality and creative genius, to every venture he signs on for. His passion extends to his charitable work, and his desire to create and inspire others, has led him to partake in kosher.com, so that his techniques are accessible to all.