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112 Best Passover Dessert Recipes All In One Convenient Place!

112 Best Passover Dessert Recipes All In One Convenient Place!

What’s one thing we all have in common when it comes to Passover baking? It’s that we search the internet for hours looking for recipes that we hope will taste all-year-round AMAZING!

That is until now! We’ve compiled 112 (!) Passover dessert recipes so you can have them all saved in one convenient place!

Plus, we linked to each section below so you can just click on the type of dessert you’re looking for instead of scrolling through this entire list. (We’re here to save you time people!)

We hope you find that dessert you’ll be making for years to come! We have a feeling you will 😉

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  1. Heavenly Meringue Layers from the Nitra Cookbook
  2. Nutty Meringue Cake from the Nitra Cookbook
  3. Berry Dutch Chocolate Cupcakes by Rorie Weisberg
  4. Soufflé Chocolate Cakes by The Peppermill
  5. Carrot Cake by The Peppermill
  6. Cookie-Dotted Chocolate Cake by Chanie Nayman
  7. Lemon Chiffon Cake from the Dining In Cookbook
  8. Candy Cake from the Dining In Cookbook
  9. Dark Chocolate Lava Cake by Kelly Cohen
  10. Strawberries and Cream Crepe Cake by Family Table Staff
  11. Glazed Coffee Cake by Brynie Greisman

  12. Chocolate Quinoa Cake by Paula Shoyer
  13. Almond Torte by Estee Kafra
  14. Mocha Marble Cake with Coffee Glaze by Brynie Greisman
  15. Nut Cake with Two-Tone Glaze by Brynie Greisman
  16. Chocolate Espresso Torte by Chanie Nayman
  17. Perfect Pesach Torte by Chanie Nayman
  18. Orange-Scented Cake with Chocolate Ganache by Estee Kafra


  19. Banana Mocha Muffins by Esty Wolbe
  20. Carrot Muffins by Rorie Weisberg
  21. Coffee Cake Muffins by Chanie Nayman
  22. Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins by Esty Wolbe


  23. Chewy Sprinkle Cookies by Erin Grunstein
  24. Hazelnut Praline Truffles by Ally Mawhirter
  25. Berry Thumbprint Macaroons by Tamar Teitelbaum
  26. Chocolate Ganache Macarons by Faigy Grossmann
  27. Chocolate Rugeluch Cookies by Naomi Hazan
  28. Flourless Nut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Leah Nagel
  29. Nut Cookies by Manischewitz
  30. Coconut-Lime Macaroons by Amy Rosen
  31. 3-Ingredient Nut Butter Cookies by Nathalie T.
  32. Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sarah Lasry
  33. Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Bites by Naomi Hazan

  34. Marble Cookies from the Dining In Cookbook
  35. Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Peppermill
  36. Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Bean Macaroons by Angela Liddon
  37. Lemon Biscotti by Rivky Kleiman

  38. Chili Chocolate Chip Cookies by Naomi Nachman
  39. Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Crisps by Brynie Greisman
  40. Going-Nuts-for-Nuts Cookies by Chaia Frishman
  41. Egg and Nut-Free Passover Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chaya Sara Auerbach
  42. Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chips by Rachel Kor
  43. Fat-Free Biscotti Sticks by Brynie Greisman

  44. Last Minute Cookies by Aluy Redef
  45. Bunch of Nuts Cookies by Estee Kafra
  46.  Raw Coconut Date Truffles by Vera Newman

  47. Best Ever Gebrochts Chocolate Chip Cookies by Melissa Kaye
  48. Carrot Walnut Cloud Cookies by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen
  49. Unbelievably Delicious Soft Biscotti by Sarah Faygie Berkowitz


  50. Raspberry Jam Bars by Molly Hagler
  51. Cookie Bars with Lemon Glaze by Estee Kafra
  52. Rich Fudgy Flourless Brownies by Leah Nagel
  53. Almond Butter Brownies by Rena Tuchinsky
  54. Gluten Free S’mores by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen
  55. Macaroon Truffle Bars by Paula Shoyer
  56. Blondies from the Dining In Cookbook
  57. Zero-Bowl Brownie by Michal Frischman
  58. Brownie Cups by Reva (Blander) Yaffe
  59. Fudge Squares by Brynie Greisman
  60. Deep-Dish Skillet Brownie (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Dairy Free) by Arman Liew
  61. Chunky Monkey Brownies by Rorie Weisberg
  62. Coconut Matzo Rocky Road by Lisa Stander-Horel

  63. Mocha Bars by Brynie Greisman
  64. Chocolate Fudge Bars by Estee Kafra
  65. Fluffy Nutty Blondies by Family Table Staff
  66. Best Pesach Blondies by Family Table Staff
  67. Frozen Nut Squares with Fudge Truffle Topping by Brynie Greisman

  68. Rich Chocolate Mousse from the Nitra Cookbook
  69. Mocha Cashew Mousse by Chavi Feldman
  70. Basic Chocolate Mousse from the Nitra Cookbook
  71. Orange Chocolate Mousse by Chanie Nayman
  72. Triple Winner Dessert by Chanie Nayman


  73. Lemon Berry Crumble Pie by Rorie Weisberg
  74. Rhubarb Fruit Crumble by Brynie Greisman
  75. Mini Lemon Curd Trifles by Naomi Nachman


  76. Strawberry Bakewell Tart by Ally Mawhirter
  77. Orange and Hazelnut Tart by Denise Phillips
  78. Lemon Meringue Pie with Almond Crust by Leah Nagel
  79. Basic Pavlova Recipe by Faigy Grossmann
  80. 4-Ingredient Chocolate Macaroon Tart by Family Table Staff
  81. Strawberries and Cream Pie by Esty Wolbe
  82. Elegant Layered Dessert by Brynie Greisman
  83. Lemon Tart, Two Ways by Rachel Kor
  84. Lemon Meringue Pie, Two Ways by Brynie Greisman

  85. Fruit Tart Dessert by Sheva Gross and Bruchy Schik


  86. Pineapple Ice Cream from the Nitra Cookbook
  87. Coffee Marble Fudge Ice Cream by Brynie Greisman
  88. Choco-Chip Almond Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches by Shena Dominitz
  89. Strawberry Fluff by Nechama Norman
  90. Lemon Strawberry Ice Cream from the Dining In Cookbook
  91. Mango-Coconut Sorbet by Charles Sayegh
  92. Strawberry Sorbet from the Nitra Cookbook
  93. Best Chocolate Ice Cream with Almond Praline by Brynie Greisman
  94. Wine Granita by Brynie Greisman
  95. Homemade Chocolate Popsicles by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok
  96. Vanilla Custard Ice Cream Sundae by Rivky Kleiman
  97. Italian Ices from the Nitra Cookbook
  98. Chocolate Ice Cream with Hazelnut Cookies and Crunch by Brynie Greisman


  99. Cheesecake from the Dining In Cookbook
  100. White Chocolate and Coconut Truffles by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok


  101. Maple Almond Candy Bars by Ally Mawhirter
  102. Chocolate Almond Clusters by Sarah Abitan

  103. Egg White Nut Clusters 4 Ways by Family Table Staff

  104. Nut Clusters by Esther Ottensoser

  105. Chocolate Coffee Bonbons by Faigy Grossman


  106. Baked Apples from the Nitra Cookbook
  107. Almond-Butter-Stuffed Dates Dipped in Chocolate by Ruth Fox and Vicky Cohen
  108. Baked Cinnamon Pears from the Dining In Cookbook
  109. Minted Melon Balls from the Dining In Cookbook
  110. Marinated Fruit Cocktails by Janie Chazanoff
  111. Peach and Berry Compote by Nechama Norman
  112. Coffee Chocolate Fondue by Zehava Krohn