How To Make Dried Salami At Home

Chanie Nayman February 14, 2023

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I got into making dried salami for my Mishloach Manot because they are so easy to prepare, are crowd pleasers, and I always get great feedback from friends and family who receive them! There’s something about them that everyone always appreciates.



The first year I made them, my kids dressed up as elderly men and women – the “aged meat” tied it all together perfectly. Although my family’s theme changes every year, these dried salamis have remained a constant in our Mishloach Manot. I love how they give off a homemade vibe without requiring too much effort on my part.


Take a look at the easy directions below!



What you will need:

Salami (I usually use the 8-ounce)
String (for hang drying) or wire racks (for flat drying)





1. Remove the plastic casing from the salami, and leave the paper casing on.


2. For salamis that come with string attached, simply hang for at least 2 weeks until hard and shriveled.




3. For salamis that do not come with a hook or string (the smaller salamis do not usually have them), place them on a wire rack, at least 2 inches apart. Turn each salami everyday to ensure moisture doesn’t form on the shelf.



4. Let salami dry for at least 2 weeks. Slice and enjoy!



Stay tuned, because this year I’ll be testing out dried hot dogs and bratwurst. I’ll keep everyone posted on how they turn out and if they’re worth making for next year.


Photographed by Sara Goldstein