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How To Organize Your Kitchen For Passover

How To Organize Your Kitchen For Passover

by Ellen Appelbaum


Well, congratulations on your new kitchen! It just dropped down from the sky, didn’t it.





Each year, when I realize that, yes, the kitchen is actually Pesachdig, the next task is to get comfortable using it. Quickly.


(In other years, we’ve been blessed with invites to OPS – Other People’s Seders. Pesach 5781, however, finds us home for all of it. Luckily, I’ve had practice. See Pesach 5780.)


So, I’m getting my priorities in order. Having discovered the freedom of one-day delivery, what I want more than anything else is organization.


What follows is my approach to Passover kitchen organization. Perhaps it will spark your imagination.


Look Through Last Year’s Stuff. What’s Missing?


As you no doubt remember, the mindset when putting Pesach stuff away is much different than when we start out. Some things always get absorbed into the household flow. So I like to take inventory as I unpack.


For starters, do I have everything I need for the Seder? For example:



Afikoman Bag and Matzo Cover. If I were going to someone else’s house for Yom Tov, and I wanted to bring a gift, this is a good item.



Remember not to forget the washing cup and hand towels. These, too, are a matter of taste, but when in doubt, I go for classic.



By the way, do you have a tablecloth? This one, made of durable velvet, is Yomtovdig and protects the table at the same time.



And don’t forget the dishware. I grew up with sets of Pesach china, but I decided that plastic is the way to go this year. Focus Line has a 175-piece disposable gold dinnerware set that includes plates, silverware, cups, and napkins. Each set is service for 25.    


The Nitty-Gritty


I love checking out how people did their kitchens for Pesach. Of course there’s the aluminum foil approach, which is fine sometimes (and makes for some adorable memes). But there are amazing counter coverings available now. Livelynine’s selection of marble- and granite-looking contact paper is elegant – and it’s sturdy and waterproof besides.



For stovetops, there are many options, ranging from aluminum burner bibs to reusable fiberglass, all reasonably priced.  


Back to Getting Organized


So I’ve got all this new equipment in mind. Wouldn’t it bring me some serenity to know what’s fleishig and what’s milchig? The Kosher Cook’s oven-proof labels for meat and dairy will manage in an oven up to 500 degrees. They’re freezable, microwavable, and dishwasher safe.  



Kosher Tape Plus sells packs of Chametz and Kosher for Passover stickers for cabinet, closet and pantry that leave no adhesive residue when you remove them. There’s a certain satisfaction when I slap the sticker on – job done! And they give me one less thing to worry about mixing up, thereby lowering my stress level. Priceless.


Another lifesaver in my not-so-large kitchen will be to get a space-saving Over-the-Sink Dish Rack. The company, Pusdon, has a motto: “Neat Kitchen, Happy Cooking,” and I agree. Saving space and time, knowing where to find utensils and supplies quickly and easily, having the wet dishes drip directly into the sink keeps the kitchen tidier.


This set includes a dish rack, bowl rack, knife holder, fruit and vegetable basket, rack for a chopping board or pot cover, square basket for detergent and sponges, two cutlery holders and eight hooks, all adjustable and removable. Pusdon urges customers to measure the size of their sink before buying.


Can do. Can’t wait.


Have a zissen Pesach.