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How to Set a Regal Seder Table Using Gold Accents

Vanessa Haberman March 20, 2018

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The Seder nights are perhaps my two favorites of the entire year. I treasure the Haggadah, each word speaking to me and making me feel as though the emotions of leaving Mitzrayim (Egypt) are palpable in the present. The songs, minhagim (customs), and pure joy of family coming together rings more loudly and beautifully than any other night of the year. Fitting, right?!



Yet in the weeks leading up to those beautiful nights, there is so much planning and thought involved. Sometimes too much! Everything from the place settings to the salt water bowls must not only make sense space wise, but must also make the table look spectacular, befitting of the nights we celebrate our freedom with total joy and exuberance.


My favorite way to instantly glam up a table is with metallic gold or silver accents. To me, gold is the perfect accent color that feels regal, special, and just so “dressed up.” I chose gold rimmed plates, bowls, and serving pieces that would tie the look together.


Whenever I set a Yom Tov table, I start with white dinner plates with gold or silver edges. This plate will act as your “anchor,” the item to which everything else is tied in color, even though it does not necessarily have to be the exact same color. In fact, there is something eye catching and exciting about mixing and matching. In the photo above, you will see variations of the appetizer plate in turquoise and gold and pink and gold (my favorite). Small blue and gold gilded bowls add a little pop of color during the dipping and crunching in the beginning of the Seder! Keeping the silverware and stemware straightforward and simple in pattern allows the place settings themselves to truly be the focal point, which is great because these are closest to the eyes of the guest aka the eater!  

I personally prefer the mix and match plates look, where everything feels like it belongs without being too repetitive, but I have included different variations on the theme just to showcase how one color can be interwoven into the details and make a whole table “pop.” It’s a way to easily take things from pretty to “wow.”

With the gold accent decided, I moved on to choosing an elegant but uncomplicated floral arrangement. I love pairing white hydrangeas with either violet, blush pink, or baby blue. Ask the florist for two flower varieties in the color of your choice, and some greenery like eucalyptus to tie it together.


If metallics aren’t your thing (although I invite you to try them), the same can be done using a white setting. Let accents like the gorgeous agate stone napkin rings above or blush pink and baby blue serving bowl and platter act as the eye-catchers. 


Whatever accent colors you choose, and whether gold or silver place settings adorn your Seder table, I hope they only enhance the enjoyment that you get from time spent with family, making memories and enjoying tradition. Of course, if you take a few long moments to let your eyes fall over the gorgeous decor, that sounds fun too!