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Introducing Wissotzky’s Newest Tea Flavor (It’s Like Dessert In A Cup!)

Introducing Wissotzky's Newest Tea Flavor (It's Like Dessert In A Cup!)

Sponsored by Wissotzky


We are so excited about Wissotzky’s newest addition to their tea family, “Almond Charm.”


Almond Charm is vibrantly fruity and floral, with a strong almond fragrance reminiscent of biscotti. (Yes, please!)

Its delicious and unique dessert-like taste lends itself beautifully in not only a mug, but baked goods as well. As you’ll see from the recipes below, it works well in cookies, cakes, custards and so much more!


For those of you thinking you’ve heard the name “Almond Charm” before, you’re not wrong! That’s because this unique and popular infusion has only been available in Israel – that is, until now!


Our very own Naomi Nachman (host of Sunny Side Up) was completely overjoyed when she heard Almond Charm would be available in the US – it’s one of her absolute favorite teas!


In a nutshell, Almond Charm is unique in that it’s delicious, dessert-like, and fragrant, making it a top contender for tea-lovers and non-tea drinkers alike!

Try it in a cup and see for yourself what all the excitement is about. And while you have a box on hand, give it a try in the delicious recipes below!


  1. Wissotzky’s Almond Charm Biscotti by Raheli Krut
    Dip these cookies in a warm glass of tea and enjoy every bite!

  2. Amaretto Bundt Cake by Faigy Murray
    A deliciously light and fluffy cake with such a burst of flavor it will have you coming back for more and more!

  3. “Tea”ramisu by Jackie Yesharim

  4. Almond Charm Granita by Wissotzky
    Are you crazy about the Almond Charm infusion? Let’s make it a wild and indulgent drink!

There’s no better time to enjoy this luxurious tea than while it’s still frigid outside. You can buy yourself (or any other tea-lover you know) Wissotzky’s Almond Charm Tea here!