4 Unique Mishloach Manot Ideas to Impress

Idy Swimer February 25, 2019

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I have a confession to make: I enjoy tying a ribbon into a bow or finding a creative new idea for wrapping Mishloach Manot.  For 20 years, I have been sending my own Mishloach Manot, and feeling like a veteran at that. But Erev Purim is still hectic and intense and fraught with anxiety.

You know the chant: Roses are red, violets are blue, you don’t give me, and I don’t give you….

I am a firm believer in not looking for extra recipients, and I apologize to my nearest and dearest in advance before crossing a hefty number off our list. However, we have our work cut out for us…

If you are lucky, you have a group of friends and acquaintances that have their Mishloach Manot giving down to a science, and you actually await theirs every Purim. You might even be caught stashing it away to be enjoyed in solitude. And enjoy it you do!

This is where we run into a problem.  We don’t need to compete, but we need to send Mishloach Manot in return.

Each gift or Mishloach Manot we send is a reflection of the care that we invested in its preparation.  Yes, it is the first impression that counts – and we want it to count! As little or as large as your food package is, remember, you’re giving someone a gift.  Don’t skimp on the visual details.

Therefore, while planning this Mishloach Manot feature, we realized the importance of focusing on presentation, sans the complicated details, yet with a budget in mind. And best of all, the different samplings suit the various needs of the diverse nature of people that you need to show your appreciation to.

Included is an estimated cost for each Mishloach Manot. All Mishloach Manot costs can be adapted to suit different budgets. To keep costs down, purchase cheaper brands and buy in bulk.

Corporate Packaging Mishloach Manot

It is important to show that you value your professional relationship, whether it may be with an employer, employee, co-worker, or business partner. This black and white and marble combo is professional, modern, and clean.  Sort of like a well-fitted business suit.

The black square lacquered serving tray and collapsible glossy black gift box are from the Container Store.

Tip: Cover the inside of the tray with a piece of white marble contact paper and use a 1-inch strip of the contact paper to form a band around the entire Mishloach Manot.

Black, white, and grey foods carry the clean and modern theme:

– Black and white macarons are elegant and taste divine.

– For the inside of the collapsible box I used a Chosen Bean Cold Brewed Coffee and an Elite Collection 85% Cocoa Fine Bittersweet Chocolate.

– On the two either ends are crispy Tonnelli Breadsticks broken down on one end to fit to size.  Dip them into a marbleized mixture of melted white chocolate and silver edible food paint.

For corporate gift giving at its best, round off this package with a complimentary gift.  A white marble passport cover and elegant pen is surely a worthwhile take.  Watch them all check for the boarding pass!

Price: $20–$30

Wholesome and Green Mishloach Manot

This wholesome package reflects your extra effort to keep your receiver’s wellbeing foremost in mind and at heart. Follow the trend of going green and healthy and let your Mishloach Manot take center stage.

– Include a little freshly baked cake in an oven-to-table pan, such as this one called Healthy Oat Bran Muffin Recipe by Estee Kafra, found on Kosher.com.

– This green power drink is a healthy mix of fresh foods including oat or almond milk, kale, parsley, lemon, green apple, banana and flax seeds.

Absolutely Gluten Free Tahini Bars are a great snack choice as well as an omega-3 nut mix and flax seeds.

– Include Gefen Olive Oil to remind your acquaintances that cooking with olive oil is the best choice.

– A jar of Manuka Honey included in your food package shows you are truly aware of all its health benefits. You will be appreciated and remembered for as long as this jar lasts.

Price: $10–$25

Kraft Paper Packaging for Mishloach Manot

There are various ways to tie off a package.  This is certainly one of them!

If you want to call this packaging idea semi-cheating or easy-does-it, then be my guest.  It doesn’t really matter, it’s the impression that it makes that counts!

Start off with any chocolate, wafer, candy or gift box of your choice.  Wrap in brown kraft paper. Using either a white paint marker or a simple white crayon, draw the outline of a flower vase. Tack on some fresh blooms, dried on the stem, so as not to spoil the paper. Wrap twine around the box and tie with a bow.  Attach a Simchas Purim label or tag.

Gift-giving turned artwork!

Price: $5 each

“In a Pickle” Mishloach Manot

Who can refuse a fresh-’n-homemade batch of pickles? Get your family and friends hooked onto the concept of pickle making by presenting them with their very own starter pickle-making kit.

– Include the recipe and instructions on printed recipe cards that are clear and easy to follow.

– The recipe for these pickles can be found on Kosher.com, DIY Pickles.  The length of time that these pickles need to cure depends on how sour you like them.

– Use a large mason jar for a batch of fresh pickles, and a small mason jar for a generous helping of pickling spice.  Tie it together with some crostini or crackers.

Price: $5 each

Simchas Purim!


Photography by Chana Klein of Flash Photography NY