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37+ Back to School Lunch Ideas for Every Type of Kid

37+ Back to School Lunch Ideas for Every Type of Kid

It’s finally time to trade sunscreen for school supplies, but finding a great new lunchbox is only half the battle. Filling them is a whole other story. Every kid is different, but we’ve put our brains together to come up with solutions for every kind of eater. Whether your kid is picky or foodie, there’s something in here for them! 

The Tiny Gourmand—You know the type: They eat avocado toast for breakfast. They can pronounce ‘acai’. They only turn their nose up at broccoli when it’s been steamed with no seasoning, and they’d have an Instagram account if you gave them enough access to your food.



The Picky Eater—We’ve all met this kid. They usually only like one or two things at a time, and while you could justify giving them the same meal every day, you’d feel better if there were a few more options in the repertoire.
The Mini Health Guru—This is the kid you rarely have to fight with to get them to eat their vegetables. Colorful plates are par for the course, and they occasionally tell you when foods are in season.
The Constant Snacker—Every kid has a snacker side, but this kid has no other sides. It’s not even just junk food; it’s just that they take their meals in stages, via nosh, instead of all at once. Having some healthier nosh-type foods will be a lifesaver!
The Meat Lover—Also goes by the name “That’s certainly my kid!” This kid would choose a salami stick over a lollipop without blinking an eye, and protein options have really never been a problem for you to find.
The Food Allergy Prone—Sure, you’ve gotten used to explaining to people that it’s not just that food, it’s also the foods that have that food in them. But sometimes it’s just exhausting trying to think of how to hack this recipe, or replace half of those ingredients. Take a breath. We got you.
The Cheese Fiend—This kid thinks a cheese stick and sliced cheese are two different snacks. But you sometimes get tired of just slapping some American on two slices of bread. Just because your kid has singular tastes, doesn’t mean you can’t make it interesting.



Updated May 2019