17 Must-Have Passover Staples

Goldy Guttman April 3, 2024

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Pesach staples to help you keep it together.

This Pesach, stock up on the newest and most innovative cooking and baking products available to consumers. There’s something for every home, every balabuste, and every chef, along with a load of signature ingredients that will upgrade any dish from benign to divine. What’s in YOUR pantry?

Gourmet Enhancers

Pepper Jam

Jam packed with flavor and absolutely irresistible, Tuscanini’s spicy and sweet Calabrian Pepper jam is perfect with your favorite cheese and adds a bold kick to any chicken or beef dish.

Sea Salt & Smoked Salt

Wind-dried on the Sicilian shores, Tuscanini’s collection of sea salt makes for a luxurious finishing touch to your meats, pastas, or salty-sweet desserts. Sprinkle these dainty flakes to add a pinch of beechwood smoke and Sicilian refinement to your meal.

Red Wine Vinegar & White Wine Vinegar

Enhance your dishes with the rich flavors of Italian vinegar crafted from Modena grapes. Whether you opt for red or white, this vinegar is the perfect addition to elevate the taste of your stews and chicken recipes. Veni, vidi, vinegar!

Dinner, Managed

Grain-Free Taco Shells & Soft Tortillas

These grain-free tacos and tortillas from wholesome Cassava are about to level-up your leftover game. Shredded beef or chicken, guac, and your favorite toppings will make this the new favorite in your home. The taco shell is your canvas, fill ‘em up! 

Cassava Grain-Free Pasta

Potato Starch is a thing of the past-a! The question is, will it be mac and cheese, or spaghetti with meat sauce? 

Chevington Cheese

The English countryside air, the family-owned pastures, the Pedigreed Friesian cows, award-winning cheesemakers, and strict mashgichim give each Chevington cheese its distinct flavour and texture. Meet the mellow Double Gloucester or the Oak-Smoked English Cheddar. Spread it on matzah, melt it on baked potatoes, or nibble it straight from the package. Fancy a slice?

Double Gloucester • Red Leicester • Mild Cheddar • Mature Cheddar Oak-Smoked Cheddar • 30% Less Fat Light Cheese

Beleaves French Fries

Back from a Chol Hamoed trip, need supper in 10? You better Beleaves it! The new, acclaimed produce brand –  with the Hechsher of Badatz Yerushalayim –  brings a trio of options: straight cut, crinkle-cut fries, and steak-cut fries. 

Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Smoky Barbecue Jerky & Pepper Crusted Jerky

Give shoulder the cold shoulder. Not for nothin’, Old Williamsburg’s Jerky, made from real beef brisket, is the real Brooklyn deal. Unlike the tougher shoulder meat, this brisket jerky is tender with an easy-going mouth pull. Flavor test the Teriyaki, BBQ, or Pepper Crusted- and try to choose just one favorite! (Note: The Cherry Cola and Sweet Chipotle flavors are not Kosher l’Pesach.)


For the Cooks & Bakers

Coconut Aminos

Discover the ultimate soy sauce alternative for Pesach and beyond! Rich in umami and lower in sodium, this authentic replacement is a game-changer. Say goodbye to imitation soy sauce—this is the real deal. Try it in a sizzling wok with riced cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, and two beaten eggs for a tantalizing taste sensation.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar & Coconut Flour

All the benefits, none of the compromise. These heart healthy alternatives for flour, sugar, and oil from Heaven & Earth are free from soy, dairy, or junk. It’s good for you!

Glicks Avocado Spray

Matzah brei, crepes, and omelets have discovered their new healthy companion! With an abundance of healthy fats and an exceptionally high smoke point, this cooking spray is taking things to the next level. Bake, broil, stir-fry, and sauté with this avocado oil spray for a light, clean taste you’ll love.

Geneve Baking Chocolate

What makes baking different from all other years? This new premium baking chocolate from Switzerland. Perfect for creating decadent desserts, or even a fondue. And if you go ahead and grab a piece for yourself, we won’t tell anyone.

Gefen Coconut Spray

Elevate your culinary creations guilt-free with this innovative coconut oil spray. Simply spray, sear, and savor the deliciousness. And as a bonus: coconut oil helps control blood sugar and reduces stress!

For the Snackers

Andean Potato Chips

Made from a superior potato from Ecuador, these chips are delicious, fun and make a great garnish.

Chocolate Covered Pressed Pretzels

We all love Haddar’s classic pressed pretzels, so there’s not a doubt in our minds that the pretzels covered in decadent chocolate is going to be a new favorite.

Passover Party Mix

A mix of Haddar’s famous pretzels, potato chips and tortilla chips join together to make an addicting Passover snack. Perfect for those snack attacks, this new product is perfect for adults and kids alike.

Mezonos Cookies

Manischewitz created the only mezonos cookie on the market and it comes in 3 amazing flavors. Brownie, Chocolate Chip and Vanilla. Crunchy and sweet like Alphabet cookies, these are going to sell out quickly so act fast when you see them in stores!

Simply put, these 17 amazing products will make this Pesach so easy, delicious, and memorable. Look out for all these products in your kosher grocery store or order them straight from Amazon.

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