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Shabbat Menu- Gluten Free

Shabbat Menu- Gluten Free

If you’re not gluten-free yourself, you must know someone who is. Maybe a lot of someones. Look, even if it’s kind of in style, it’s helped so many people feel so much better that I’m a believer. Personally, I’d sooner cut white flour and sugar out of my life but I’m definitely supportive of anything that’s an attempt towards a healthier lifestyle. 


When it comes to cooking for Shabbat, anything out of our tradition often requires us to think for a second. In case your seconds, like ours, are in short supply, we’ve compiled some awesome gluten-free recipes for you so you can make a delicious Shabbat, stress-free! 

Happy Cooking!



Twice Potatoes with Crispy Pelleh Duck Fry by Brynie Greisman

Baby potatoes are roasted to perfection, then topped with mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, and garnished with crispy Pelleh duck fry- this is a real delicacy!


Cauliflower Tabbouleh by Dorie Greenspan


The salad is nicest when all the ingredients are mini and a similar size — you can go on whatever tangent calls to you. This is less a recipe than a terrific idea and a template for playing around.


Quinoa-Stuffed Chicken by Michal Frischman

Here is a recipe that would offset the heavy, sugary sauces that so many chicken and meat recipes have, and this one turned out to be a winner! It’s light and lemony, and the fresh parsley throughout adds an extra fresh element that I love.


Gluten Free Cholent by Rorie Weisberg

Nobody said cholent can’t be good for you. This Full ‘N Free twist is flavorful, traditional, and lighter than your average meat-and-barley fare.


Irene’s Delectable Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Blondies by Blends by Orly

These blondie bars have a rich chocolatey center and soft, gooey texture.  They are meant to be served fresh out of the oven, but they can also be eaten frozen. In fact, one blondie square has become a favorite bedtime snack.