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Tackling Fasting with Rorie Weisberg

Mussy Raitman July 29, 2019

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By: Mussy Raitman, Lubicom Staff

Every summer, as the Three Weeks approach, all I can think about are the two fast days that come along with it.

Fasting is always hard, but fasting in the summer takes on a whole new meaning.

I spoke with Rorie Weisberg, who gave me a breakdown on the before-and-afters of a fast. A game-changer for fasting in the summer.

What is the number one thing you do before a fast?

My number one priority is making sure the day before the fast I have foods that are extremely hydrating. My go-to is always watermelon and other fruits that keep me hydrated on the fast.

Do you also concentrate on your liquid intake?

Yes, there is a wonderful drink that I make before every fast. It’s very simple and I highly recommend it as a natural electrolyte hydrating drink. It’s wonderful to have in preparation for the fast and is a great drink to have after the fast.


Can you share the recipe?

Sure: All that this recipe calls for is two freshly squeezed lemons with an eighth of a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt.

Pink Himalayan salt specifically?

Yes, it has to be the pink Himalayan salt because it has the type of electrolytes that we need to restore hydration. I also add one to two tablespoons of raw honey, mixed with two cups of water and then ice.

Sounds delicious.

It tastes like a delicious refreshing lemonade but most importantly it also has electrolytes, enzymes from the honey, and elements in lemon that are actually detoxifying and rehydrating. This combination is a really great thing to have before and after a fast.


How do you tackle breaking your fast?  

I guess my top tip would be don’t overeat. The first thing you want to do is rehydrate. Start by having a little bit of water, having this hydrating drink and then keeping it light. Your body hasn’t had any fuel or any food for many hours.

I always end up over-eating after a fast.

If you don’t eat the right foods after a fast, you end up feeling really overly stuffed and not good.

What do you suggest eating?

I like to suggest having a carbohydrate. You need to refill your glycogen storage. Additionally, having some protein and some sort of healthy fat.

The main thing is really the carbs. Having carbs with a little bit of protein and fiber will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep you feeling satisfied.

Looks like you focus on hydration and less on what you eat.

Correct, after a fast ‘less is more’ when it comes to eating.

Any other tips?

Eat slowly and get hydrated. It’s easy to stuff yourself with food, but I like to stay slow and steady. You can always go back a couple of hours later if you’re feeling hungry again.


What about exercise?

Unless you’re an athlete and really know how to fuel and refuel properly after exercise, it’s probably best for the average person to skip their workout until they’re properly rehydrated and replace their glycogen storage.

If you do exercise, just be really mindful to make sure that you’re eating a really balanced meal after your workout and make sure you rehydrate throughout the day.

Any last thoughts?

Everybody needs to really be mindful the day after the fast to keep their hydration up, especially mommies. We’re busy, we’re getting all the laundry done, the kids want to go to the pool and there’s lots to do the day after, especially now in the summer when it’s super hot.

Don’t forget that you fasted the day before and that it’s going to take your body some time to catch up.