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Talk Your Town- Montreal

Dov Dayhan July 10, 2023

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Montreal, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, has been home to a flourishing Jewish community dating back to 1760s, with today’s population of 90,000 Jews marking it the second-largest Jewish community in Canada.

Planning a visit? Just curious to know about our brothers up north? Mr. Dayhan of EsteeZ, the renowned modest clothing company that he cofounded with his wife, Annette, educates us on all there is to know about Montreal and the various aspects of this community, such as their restaurants, kosher grocery stores, modes of transportation, attractions, and the strong sense of unity among community members.

Restaurants for All Tastes

The Orthodox Jews of Montreal are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out. Chops and Chiyoko are popular destinations for those seeking high-quality kosher meats. If you’re in the mood for sushi, Saizen Sushi and Yakimono Sushi offer a delicious array of options.

For a quick bite, Pizza Pita is a great spot, while LeyLey’s Kosher (cafe) provides a cozy café atmosphere. If you prefer a seated dining experience, La Notte and Gourmetti are great options for delectable dairy dishes.

Chops Resto Bar

5322 Queen Mary Road Montreal, QC H3X1T7, Canada. (514) 754-5322.

Chiyoko Sushi Bar & Steakhouse

2113 Rue Saint-Louis Sain-Laurent, QC H4L 1P1, Canada. (514) 225-422.

Saizen Sushi Bar

5177 Decarie Boulvard, Montreal, Quebec, H3W 3C2, Canada. (514) 903-0505.

Yakimono Sushi

4210 Decarie Blvd Montreal, QC H4A 3K3, Canada. (514) 484-1515.

Pizza Pita

5345 Rue Vezina Montreal, QC H3X 4A8, Canada. (514) 731-7482. Pizza Pita website


6900 Bd Décarie m240, Côte Saint-Luc, QC H3X 2T8, Canada. (514) 736-1700.

La Notte

5751 Monkland Ave, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1E8, Canada. (514) 379-1666.

Pizza Gourmetti

2075 Rue Saint-Louis, Saint-Laurent, QC H4W 1S5, Canada. (514) 739-7707.

Kosher Grocery Stores

Montrealers have access to well-stocked kosher grocery stores. The Fooderie and IGA in Cavendish Mall are recommended options, offering a wide range of kosher products to fulfill all the Shabbos needs and beyond (these two are the biggest, although there are quite a few more smaller ones).

Fooderie Market

6680 av du parc, Montreal, QC, Canada. (514) 279-3663.

Email: [email protected]


1500 rue AtwaterWestmount, Quebec (there are multiple locations). (514) 933-0995.


There are a few really good ones in Montreal! As Montreal is known for its baked goods and pastries…. Probably the most famous one is Cheskies, as many US visitors love to stop by for their delicious products.

Boulangerie Cheskie

359 Rue Bernard O, Montréal, QC H2V 1T6, Canada. (514) 271-2253.

Getting Around

In Montreal, Uber is a convenient mode of transportation for navigating the Jewish neighborhood and beyond. While the distances between various areas of interest are not prohibitively long, walking may be too time-consuming. Uber provides a reliable and efficient way to reach your destination. 

Exploring Attractions

When looking to explore Montreal, the old port is a must-visit attraction. Its historical significance and picturesque surroundings make it an enjoyable destination for tourists and locals alike. Additionally, Mount Royal and Beaver Lake are magnificent natural landmarks in the heart of the city, which offer a tranquil retreat for those seeking relaxation or outdoor activities. Climbing to the summit rewards visitors with a breathtaking panoramic view that captures the beauty of Montreal.

Mount Royal/ Beaver Lake


Old Port of Montreal


Minyanim and Unity

Montreal’s Orthodox Jewish community offers various minyanim, catering to different nusach preferences such as Sefardi, Ashkenaz, Sefarad, and Chabad. 

Furthermore, one cannot overlook the palpable sense of unity and love present among the members of this community. Numerous chesed organizations demonstrate their dedication to helping those in need, showcasing the community’s spirit of compassion and support.

Wide-ranging Kosher Options

The kosher food scene in Montreal is diverse, offering a wide range of culinary delights. Whether you crave traditional Jewish dishes, global cuisine, or modern interpretations, Montreal’s kosher restaurants have something for everyone. The expansive array of options allows individuals to discover new flavors and enjoy their favorite cuisines.

Warmth Amidst Challenging Winters

While Montreal’s winters can be harsh, the warmth of the people within the Orthodox kosher community shines through. Despite the challenging weather, the resilient community members come together, finding comfort and strength in their shared faith and tight-knit connections.

Have a look at the JCC page to find out more about Montreal’s Jewish community.

Dov and Annette Dayhan cofounded their clothing company, Esteez, a high-quality, low-cost clothing brand. Starting as a “T-shirt House,” in 2013, Esteez quickly expanded with a full line of modest fashion, who pride themselves of their top quality denim and essentials. Follow them on Instagram @esteezonline.