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The Best Travel Apps To Download in 2022

Rachel Kor January 19, 2022

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We’ve come a long way from calling a travel agent or speaking to locals about what to visit on vacation. Today, our smartphones do all the work for us. From hotel reservations and car rentals to local eateries and cheap flights, our phones can help us with any accommodations we’re looking for.


There are plenty of apps out there to help with everything to booking cheap flights and helping you pack to finding a local minyan and offering the safest walking routes. Whatever your need, know that there’s an app for that. Here are a few of our favorites.


As always, we want to encourage you to consult and observe the CDC’s COVID guidelines and regulations before making any travel plans.


  1. Citymapper:

    Citymapper helps travelers navigate cities through the quickest and most efficient routes. The app offers bus, train, and walking options as well as “main roads” walking routes so you’re not taken through less populated areas. The app has a chat feature which lets you update friends and family on your ETA. The app can be used for all major transit cities and just completed its European expansion!

    Download the app HERE.

  2. Waze:

    Most of us know and love this app. It is a community-based travel app that helps take you where you need to go. It acts as a GPS, providing updates on traffic jams, accidents, and police sightings. It’s able to locate nearby restaurants, stores, and the cheapest gas stations. The navigation is voice-guided, which makes it even easier to follow.

    Download the app HERE.

  3. Kosher GPS:

    Looking for a strictly kosher app that helps you find local points of interest like kosher restaurants, local minyanim, and mikvahs? Then Kosher GPS is for you. Plus the app works in many countries like USA, Canada, France, Panama, and England, to name a few.

    Download the app HERE.

  4. Hopper:

    Have you ever looked online to book a flight only to see the prices change a couple of hours later? Hopper predicts the best time to purchase tickets and guarantees up to 40% savings. It offers savings on flights, hotels, and rental cars and has flexible and refundable ticket options. If that weren’t enough, when you use Hopper you can also freeze a great price until you are ready to book.

    Download the app HERE.

  5. PackPoint:

    You’ve booked your plane tickets, have your itinerary and activities planned…now all that’s left to do is pack – the part most of us dread most. PackPoint takes all your travel plans (whether it be snorkeling, hiking, or horseback riding) and makes a customized packing list for you. It also checks the weather so you know exactly what to bring, rain or shine. Not only that, but you can also share packing lists with friends and family you’re traveling with.

    Download the app HERE.

  6. WhatsApp:

    Ah, one of our favorite apps. We all know, love, and use it 24/7. Call, message, or video chat with anyone in any country totally free. It’s the absolute best way to communicate with loved ones back home while traveling. It’s private and works through slow connections so you have a reliable way of communicating while on the go.

    Download the app HERE.

  7. cRc Kosher:

    When you’re on the road, whether doing lots of cooking or just picking up some snacks, knowing which kosher certifications are recommended by the cRc is always very much needed. The app also includes a kosher product list and fruit and vegetable guide to make all your shopping while on the road so much easier.

    Download the app HERE.

  8. Roadtrippers:

    For all of you road trip fans, this app is for you. Add your route and stops you want to make along the way and let the Roadtrippers app take you there through voice navigation. Roadtrippers also helps you find amazing stops along the way to enhance your trip even more!

    Download the app HERE.

  9. Headout:

    Ever wonder if your itinerary covers everything there is to do on your travels? We can tell you that it definitely doesn’t, but Headout can help. The app will show you top attractions in your area, including shows, tours, and activities – with exclusive offers that can help you save up to 80%.

    Download the app HERE.