This Hostess Station Will Help Your Guests Feel Right at Home

Rivki Rabinowitz April 11, 2019

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There is nothing like being a guest in someone’s home and feeling AT home. The first time I hosted a family in my new home, I set up everything they could need right there in the area they were staying in. Coffee, tea, a little fridge with fruit and milk, you name it- it was there. I think it came off as…aggressive? “Thanks for coming, but please, please don’t venture upstairs, ok?”


I’ve since learned: your guests may actually want to begin their stay by exchanging pleasantries and gratitude for the lodgings, it may even segue into this thing we’ve coined “small talk”, it even may evolve into a memorable colloquy, and you might even hug at the end.


NOW what I’ll do is create a little “station” in the kitchen. The guests can spend time of their own accord, coffee can be made without that panic WHEN YOU PRESS THE BUTTON AND NOTHING HAPPENS, and everyone is happy.



Here I’ve created a bit of an inspiration station for you- if I used all of these things in their entirety each time I hosted, I would need to go on a yoga retreat. Apples and bananas can serve the same purpose as an elaborate fruit platter and your mother will still be proud if you use plastic cups. Use this as a springboard for ideas- and if you want to come on by, we can also just have some takeout, too.



Plates, cutlery


Coffee cups- in mugs or in to-go cups

Drinking glasses



Water- we like ours room temperature


Tea pot, tea bags


Sugar, sweetener for tea/coffee






Fruit platter- keep cut up fruit in fridge or have out if you know guests will be around at that specific time

Vegetable platter, dip optional- keep cut up veg in fridge or have out if you know guests will be around at that specific time




Hostess cards- this was a genius idea my sister-in-law alerted me to. Info like WiFi code, address, and important cell numbers are put in the guests’ rooms or at your little hostess station for your guests to have at their fingertips.



Happy Hosting!



Baked goods: Haymishe Bakery @haymishebakeryto

Hostess cards: Mann Group Design @manngroup

Plates and glasses: Splendid Settings @splendidsettings

Flowers: Crown Flora @crownflora

Photo by Ksenija Hotic Photography @khzen