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16 Ways to Use Fresh Summer Corn

Kosher.com Staff August 8, 2023

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There is no vegetable more iconic to summer than grilled corn at a BBQ. During the late summer months, corn is at its finest. The fresh vegetable is sweet, crunchy, and delicious straight off the cob. But there are a myriad of other opportunities to feature these sweet kernels! Salads, sheet pans, fritters, and even nachos. Corn can add so much to each dish, bringing that summer feel with bursting flavor, even when the grill is turned off! Enjoy!

1. Mexican Street Corn Salad by Esty Wolbe

Summer is almost over and there’s no better time to take advantage of the last few weeks of corn season than with this easy, fresh and delicious salad. Hurry to go and make this salad before it’s too late!

2. Chicken Caesar Taco with Corn Salsa by Sima Kazarnovsky

Caesar salad might be the most beloved of the salads. Even people averse to vegetables will happily munch the crunchy lettuce and creamy dressing combination. Picky eaters can smear their tacos with dressed lettuce and eat it with plain chicken. Healthy eaters can pile on the vegetables. But everyone should really try the corn hash. The smoky flavor and chewy texture take the classic salad we know and make it a little bit more interesting.  

3. Farro, Corn, and Plum Salad by Ashira Mirsky

I’m always looking for new, interesting salad ideas that don’t involve lettuce. This salad is the perfect answer for shalosh seudot, Shabbat lunch, or weekday. It tastes great cold or room temperature and can be made in advance. Its vibrant fresh flavors will leave you craving it again and again.

4. Grilled Corn with Harissa Mayo by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

Fun Fact:  It was the Native Americans who first taught the settlers how to grow and prepare corn, including popcorn. Popcorn was eaten as a breakfast cereal with milk and maple syrup. Lime is a natural complement to corn, and it even makes certain vitamins in the corn more available to the human body.

5. Corn Fritters from Family Table

6. Summer Zucchini, Corn, and Tomato Salad by Sina Mizrahi

As late August approaches, zucchini and corn are everywhere. This salad highlights the best of the season, with the zucchini “noodles” slightly cooked, yet still firm, served alongside cherry tomatoes and fresh corn doused in a honey-lime vinaigrette. The harmonious blend of flavors and textures makes a great side dish as well.

7. Mexican Rice Salad by Marla Rottenstreich

8. Summer Nachos by Victoria Dwek

I really had trouble taking credit for this addictive dish because the produce is so naturally sweet, I didn’t need to add much (only in the summertime!).

9. Grilled Chicken ‘n Apricot Chop Chop Salad by Chavi Feldman

These amazing summer flavors make your taste buds come alive in this hearty salad, which doubles as a delectable meal-in-one. Quick to prepare and even quicker to eat, this is sure to become your next favorite!

10. Rainbow Matchstick Salad by Faigy Grossmann

In the summer months, when Shabbos afternoons are long, Shalosh Seudos becomes a more formal meal in our house. We often gather together with family, putting together a kind of potluck meal. Instead of preparing all the dishes before Shabbos, I usually make sure to have a variety of components ready in the fridge to pull together some dishes last minute. This will almost always include a cooked starch, corn on the cob, and assorted fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed raw in salads. This salad came together one Shabbos afternoon, and I enjoyed it enough that I’ve been repeating it often. I hope it’ll become a regular for you as well!

11. Ultimate Summer Steak Salad by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

If you haven’t tried grilling peaches yet, you’re missing out! The quick cooking brings out their juiciness and intensifies their sweetness. They are great served as a warm dessert with a side of vanilla ice cream, or tossed in a salad along with a perfectly grilled piece of steak.

12. Sausage and Eggs Baking Sheet Dinner by Sarah Lasry

This baking-sheet dinner, a hybrid of my favorite sausage and peppers recipe mixed with the best shakshuka sauce, is the ultimate dish. It’s got spicy, savory flavors of the sausages and veggies and is mixed with the roasted tomato sauce that has just a hint of sweet and sour. It’s such a filling and beyond flavorful dish. The best thing is it makes for unbelievable leftovers the next night!

13. Rainbow Fish Grill by Dresses and Dressings

I usually grill once a week- but fish never makes an appearance on grill night! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about skipping our weekly grilled chicken, but let’s just say, I think I’ll be doing it again. This dish is beautiful, simple to prepare, and filled with good-for-you-food. Let’s grill!

As I don’t have a pareve BBQ grill, I need to use a grill pan when I want to grill fish. If you can grill it outside, though, do it! It’s more convenient to have all of your dinner components grilling in the same place. Having said that, this was one of my family’s favorite salmon recipes ever- so don’t skip it because you need to use a grill pan!

14. Nacho Average Salad by Erin Grunstein

When my husband not only loves a salad, but cannot wait to eat it again, it means it was a killer salad. This can be made dairy or dairy free and is so incredibly delicious!!

15. Mexican Quesadillas by Jamie Geller

It is hard to find good kosher Mexican food. I got so tired of looking that I decided to make it myself. Quesadillas are a great light appetizer. You can fill them with almost anything.

16. Confetti Orzo by Brynie Greisman

Orzo is tiny, rice-shaped pasta that is like a blank canvas — you can add to it any myriad of flavors and other ingredients. Here it is tossed with fresh diced vegetables and a light dressing. The thin spaghetti adds great texture. It’s a welcome change from the heavy Yom Tov side-dish fare we’re accustomed to. What’s more, you can serve it room temperature. Thanks to my sister-in-law Nechama S. for this idea.