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This Is The Healthiest Way To Break Your Fast (+ Recipe Ideas)

Miriam Alter, RDN August 1, 2022

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Is there a best way to break your fast?


If you relate to feeling worse after your fast than you did while fasting, you may want to rethink the way that you break your fast.


The feelings of hunger that accompany not eating or drinking over an extended period of time often produce cravings for different foods. Therefore, the foods you choose to eat after a fast may be the kind of food that is high in simple sugars and fat- think juice, baked goods, creamy pastas. In addition, when a person starts eating after a too-long period of not eating, it is exponentially harder to listen to your body telling you it feels full.


While admittedly delicious, the abovementioned foods and meal size may contribute to feeling sick after a fast. One reason for this that your body may be sensitive to blood sugar swings, especially on an empty digestive system. All the easy-to-digest carbohydrates in that very large meal you just consumed will hit your bloodstream very quickly, causing a large spike in blood sugar that is harder on your body to control and stabilize.


To avoid this scenario, let talk about some options that may be easier on your system.



1. Eat smaller meals

Firstly, opt for smaller meals. Start to eat slowly and choose to limit your meal size for that first meal after the fast.


2. Drink lots of water

In addition, for most people, water is an excellent option for rehydration. Focus on drinking water until you go to bed, and the next day as well.


3. Go for whole grain

Lastly, choose foods that are whole grain and lower in fat and sugar. For example, a bowl of vegetable soup topped with a small amount of cheese and whole wheat toast is warming, delicious, and won’t overpower your system.


If you are looking for something sweet, try baking whole grain or oat muffins that are made with less sugar and oil, together with a cup of milk or some fruit.


If you need your pasta fix after a fast, perhaps try whole wheat pasta topped with something lighter than a full-on creamy alfredo. You can use parmesan cheese or a homemade tomato sauce with a tablespoon of cream, for lots of flavor while avoiding the side effects of a too-heavy meal.


Once you are feeling back to yourself, after eating and rehydrating properly, feel free to head back to the kitchen and create the next meal of your dreams.