Yom Kippur

Tips to Keep the Kids Busy on Yom Kippur

Jill Dushey September 13, 2018

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Kids & Yom Kippur.
The thought can make even the best of us sweat.
It’s such a long day…with no food…and no energy to entertain. #buttheydontstop

That’s where a little planning comes in!

Here are some ways to keep the kids occupied using things you might already own.
Note: try to do this before they get too whiny.
And don’t forget to feed your kids! That’ll probably help with the #omgIjustcantanymore feeling.

I like to create ‘Invitations to Play.’
That’s when you quietly set out something and walk away.
Your kids will slowly migrate to that area and start playing on their own without you telling them anything.

You can set out:

    • Puzzles
    • A Box of Legos
    • Magnatiles
    • Any imagination/STEM toys

If your kids are a bit older, take them to the library before the fast or plan a book swap with some friends!
Maybe your kids would enjoy playing some card games together (is that possible??)

Lastly, if you’re not too grumpy, you can play a game called ‘Mystery Writer’.
You and your child take turns tracing a letter, shape or number on the palm of the other person’s hand and that person has to guess what you’re tracing.

I hope this year brings blessing, health, joy, love, and growth for you and your family.
May we merit to see Mashiach this year!

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