Recipe Roundups

22 Hungarian Recipes Just Like Bubby Used to Make

Kosher.com Staff January 9, 2020

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There’s something special about eating traditional recipes straight from Bubby’s kitchen. But if your Bubby is anything like ours, she’s probably not the measuring type, and most of you probably don’t have her recipes written down.


That’s why we’re sharing these delicious Hungarian recipes with you today. You’ll find everything from Hungarian Goulash and Kokosh Cake, to Rakott Krumpli and Stuffed Cabbage.


So next time you’re craving Bubby’s Cabbage and Noodles head on over to this roundup and whip some up yourself. Or better yet, surprise her with your personal twist on her staples next time she’s in town!


  1. Supreme Kokosh Cake from the Nitra Cookbook

  2. Bubby’s Succulent Stuffed Cabbage by Elky Friedman

  3. Shabbos with Yussi – Chicken Paprikash by Yussi Weisz

  4. Hungarian Szerbo Cake from the Nitra Cookbook

  5. Potato Blintzes from the Nitra Cookbook

  6. Poppy Seed Cookies from the Nitra Cookbook

  7. Rakott Krumpli by Carol Ungar

  8. Hungarian Apple Pie (“Olmash”) by Kiki Fisher

  9. Fritlach by Kiki Fisher

  10. Mama’s Mini Cinnamon Rugelach from the Dining In Cookbook

  11. Hungarian Rice “Letcho” from the Nitra Cookbook

  12. Potato Pierogen from the Nitra Cookbook

  13. Goldie’s Mandelbroit by Erin Grunstein

  14. Plant-Based Stuffed Cabbage Rolls by Kenden Alfond

  15. Smoky Cabbage and “Noodles” by Estee Kafra

  16. Hungarian Rugelach by Roizy Miller

  17. Goulash with Chopped Meat from the Nitra Cookbook

  18. Authentic Hungarian Doughnuts by Faigy Grossman

  19. Cabbage Strudel from the Nitra Cookbook

  20. Carrot and Prune Tzimmes from the Nitra Cookbook

  21. Farfel Cake from the Nitra Cookbook

  22. Aranygaluska (Hungarian Golden Pull-Apart Cake with Walnuts and Apricot Jam) by Joan Nathan