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Top Shows for Kids to Chill Out to this Summer

Nechami Goldman June 27, 2024

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Looking for the perfect way to help your kids wind down after a long and busy day out in the sun? Sometimes they need to relax too in a “chill” indoor space. Well, we’ve got you covered with a fantastic lineup of kids’ shows that are sure to delight and entertain!

Imagine your little ones getting inspired by delightful cookie-making tutorials where they can learn to bake scrumptious treats step by step. Or, picture them cozying up for enchanting storytime sessions, where magical tales come to life, sparking their imaginations and taking them on whimsical journeys.

For those who love a bit of excitement, our thrilling food competitions will have them on the edge of their seats, cheering for their favorite contestants and perhaps even picking up a few culinary tips along the way. And it doesn’t stop there—our shows featuring young culinary stars cooking up a storm will inspire and amaze, showing your kids that they too can be kitchen prodigies.

Whether your child is a budding baker, an avid reader, or an aspiring chef, there’s something here for everyone. These shows are the perfect mix of entertainment, education, and relaxation, providing a much-needed break between all the summer fun. So, get ready to dive into a world of delicious recipes, captivating stories, and exciting kitchen adventures.

Enjoy the variety and the fun, and let the indoor adventures begin!

1. Kids Can Cook! by Club Jr.

Fun in the kitchen with Leora Nachman + Story time with Rabbi Nachman Seltzer!

2. Homemade Pizza Shop Pizza by Living Full ‘n Free

No need to run out to the pizza store. Rorie’s got an easy—super customizable—pizza you and your kids can make at home!

3. Let’s Draw Popsicles by Kosher Kids Canvas

mushky yiftach drawing popsicle children activity

When you’re looking to beat the heat, a cold refreshing treat feels great! Let’s draw two friendly popsicles holding hands together with our junior artist, Chaya. Because with Mushky around, nothing’s impopsicle!

4. Let’s Draw Friends! by Kosher Kids Canvas

The Three Weeks is a time to work on our bein adam l’chaveiro, the mitzvah of being nice to others. Let’s draw some friends! Mushky and Chaya are here to show us how to draw a boy and a girl by breaking it down into simple steps that you can follow along with.

5. Cottage Cheese Ice Cream by Trends to Try with Shushy Turin

You’ve probably heard of pairing cottage cheese with fruit or granola, but turning it into ice cream?? Well, if cauliflower can be anything, cottage cheese can be ice cream. Watch Shushy try out the latest in viral food trends to see if it lives up to the hype!

6. Ultimate Steak Sandwich with Rachel Goldzal by Sunny Side Up with Naomi Nachman

Naomi is joined by Chopped Champion, teen Rachel Goldzal, as they make an out-of-this-world steak sandwich, talk about cooking with family, and combine recipes to make the ultimate collaboration.   

7. Yossi’s Easy Napoleans by Kitchen Kids

Yossi’s back with a dessert favorite that’s easy and fun to pull together!

8. The Battle Begins by Skill’it

Get the edge of your seat ready as 4 passionate cooks take on the ultimate challenge to be the best. They’ll face a new challenge each week, a panel of expert judges, a relentless clock, and of course—each other. They’ll be judged by the ever creative Chef Gabe Garcia, Executive Chef of Tierra Sur and star of Under the Hood, and Chef and Owner of the legendary Los Angeles restaurant, La Gondola, Chef Nir Weinblut.

9. Taco Takedown | Ep. 1 by Skill’It

Get ready to be blown away as the culinary battle of a lifetime unfolds before your eyes! Brace yourself as four extraordinary chefs enter the ultimate challenge, racing against the ticking clock and enduring intense pressure to flawlessly recreate Lenny’s legendary taco masterpiece.
Season 2 of Skill’it pushes the boundaries with higher stakes, jaw-dropping prizes, and an unprecedented level of fierce competition that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Are you ready to embrace the heat and witness culinary greatness in action? Don’t miss out on this exhilarating showdown!
A private barrel of Herzog Wine and a whole cow’s worth of beef from Marble and Grain await the grand prize winner.

10. The Song that Stopped the Buses by Kosher Kids Book Nook

The Minister of Transportation wants the buses in Israel to run on Shabbos. Is there anything Rabbi Benzion Yadler can do to change his mind?

11. 3-Ingredient Almond Butter Cookies by Nosh & Nibble

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Nathalie’s got the perfect recipe for kids! On this Nosh & Nibble, brought to you by Kosher.com and PJ Library, this recipe is easy, fun, and hands on! Plus it works great with whatever nut butter you have in the house. Peanut butter? Hazelnut spread? Give it a try!

12. Ahuva’s Hot Dog Spaghetti by Kitchen Kids

Join Ahuva in turning simple ingredients into a tasty and entertaining dish, Hot Dog Spaghetti!

13. The Queen Takes on Tea Time by Queen of Cakes

Hear ye, hear ye — The Queen of Cakes has arrived! Shaina Dubroff is a master decorator, known for her skill and savvy in creating out of this world cakes. Watch as she builds and designs cakes from scratch! In this episode, Shaina is tasked with creating a magnificent cake for a deserving Bat Mitzvah girl—and not everything goes to plan.

14. Chraimie by Savta and Me

Welcome to Savta and Me!
Savta Orly infuses her love for family and culture into each dish, and wants to share her kitchen secrets with her favorite cooking buddy (and granddaughter), Shani! Join our duo in this premiere episode as they prepare a delicately spiced salmon everyone will love!