Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat Fondue Table

Esther Ottensoser January 3, 2022

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When it comes to Tu Bishvat, there are a variety of ways to celebrate this special day. For some it means picking up some dried fruit at their local grocery, while for others it is an elaborate family or community gathering.

Presented here is quite a detailed spread. I hope you can use the ideas to nosh off and inspire you to make Tu Bishvat special for your family and friends, at any level you choose.

Tu Bishvat Table Decor:

For the tablecloth, I chose a rich (Allendale) taupe textured velvet fabric at Stitch n Sew Fabric Centre. I love the fact that this fabric, like many others, comes double wide, making it simple to turn into a tablecloth and napkins in their in-house workroom.

I love the sharpness of the black accents against the taupe background. I used these chargers. The matching plates are from B and B Party.

I used a black velvet ribbon tied in a pretty bow as a napkin ring and stuck in some dried leaves.

The little fabric bags (available at B and B Party) at each seat are perfect for the participants to take home any leftover treats.

Tu Bishvat Fruit and Fondue Board:

Adding chocolate fondue to your Tu Bishvat party this year will add extra yum, fun, and deliciousness!

I was blown away by the selection and variety of dried fruits and nuts available at The Nuttery (@thenutteryny). They definitely take their nut selection seriously – trust me, you will definitely go “nuts over their nuts”!! Plus they have multiple locations and a website to order from, so you can get your hands on their special products no matter where you live!

The Nuttery Locations:

Brooklyn, 4710 16th Avenue

Lakewood, 1700 Madison Avenue

Williamsburg, 700 Myrtle

Monroe, 52 Bakertown Road

Here are some of the delicious, flavorful and exciting items I used from The Nuttery for the setup (aside from the more typical):

  • Lotus pecans
  • Toffee praline pecans
  • Oreo pecans
  • Halva pecans
  • Cocoa hazelnut
  • Cream filberts
  • Mango candy (wrapped in plastic)
  • Mango orange discs
  • Natural guava discs
  • Onion garlic pistachios
  • Papaya strips
  • Dried cantaloupe

I arranged a few slate boards down the center of the table to hold the dried fruit and nuts.

For the fondue pots, I purchased these on Amazon.

Please note: The product did not work as well as I hoped it would. The chocolate got scorched at the bottom from the direct heat of the fire. The proper way to heat chocolate is with a double boiler. Here is what I did. I stuffed the bottom of the bowl well with foil, melted the chocolate in the microwave and poured the chocolate over the foil. The fire kept the chocolate warm without burning it. CAUTION: DO NOT REHEAT THE CHOCOLATE WITH THE FOIL IN THE BOWL!

You can also try creating a double boiler using a second bowl on top or simply use a regular bowl filled with melted chocolate (reheat as needed).

I used a dark parve chocolate as well as brown and white milk chocolates.

Here is another option for a centerpiece for those of you who want to use chocolate or marzipan fruits instead of dried. Simply place your select fruit on the black slate for a sleek and modern look.

Wishing you a Happy Tu Bishvat and a fun time creating special memories for your family!

By Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Hudi Greenberger

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