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Kosher.com Staff April 4, 2023

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We get it; Pesach season is hectic, overwhelming, exciting and exhausting. We want to help, so we asked some of our dedicated followers and beloved influencers to create recipes and hacks that will make your Pesach prep easier and more relaxed. We call it “Prep ahead Pesach”.

Take a look!

1. Passover Brownie Cake Bites by Miriam Diamant

These sweet little cake bites are naturally sweetened, delectably moist and cakey, as well as easy to make. A delicious two-bite treat to enjoy on Passover as well as all year round!

2. One Ingredient Passover Wraps by Jeff Mosycz

You will NOT believe these are kosher for Pesach. They are everything a tortilla/wrap should be, soft, malleable, waterproof, and best of all, it tastes like real food, not a dusty approximation. Best of all, it’s crazy easy! All you need is ONE ingredient. I don’t know how you get better than that? This might just be that recipe you make year round, especially if you’re gluten free.

3. Matzo Ball Hack by Micah Siva

Passover is coming! My secret to hosting? Prep ALL the things in advance, including your matzo balls! Learn my hack for preparing matzo balls.

4. Pistachio and Hazelnut Cookies by Ren Agami

5. Meringue Hack by Erin Grunstein

Meringues are a classic and sweet Pesach treat, yet challenging to prep just right. Watch Erin’s simple hack that’ll make meringue-making more fun with less stress.

6. Roasted Almond Chocolate Bark by Elizabeth Leigh

This sweet treat is the best prep-ahead snack/dessert to make for Passover! It’s simple, easy and only requires three clean ingredients! The key is to use RAW almonds and roast them yourself instead of buying roasted almonds (which usually consist of palm or canola oils) plus you get that fresh oven roasted flavor!

7. Stuffed Chicken Capons by Ashira Mirsky

These stuffed chicken capons with pastrami, celery, onions and white wine will surely enhance your Seder! Thinking ahead? Assemble them now and freeze raw, then cook on Pesach. Or alternatively, cook them now and freeze and reheat on Pesach. I’ve tried it out both ways and they’re both delicious! 

8. Pesach Shopping Hack by Naomi Ross

Naomi’s best tips on how to streamline your Pre-Pesach shopping.

9. Flourless Chocolate Cake by Rachel Berger

A delicious flourless chocolate cake that you can make in advance and freeze for Passover. No mixer required!

10. Potato Dumplings By Bayla Haskel

11. Passover Deviled Eggs by Judy Elbaum