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Whisk’s Guide to Your Ultimate Outdoor Shavuos Kiddush

Whisk May 24, 2017

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What happens when Whisk columnists collaborate with event planner Shavy Weiss? You get an outrageously lavish Shavous Kiddush with many recipes and inspiring set-up ideas you can truly make your own. 

Shavy walks you through the set-up of this kiddush.


Elky Friedman puts together six suggested salad combinations to guide our guests to assemble creative and delicious salads. But they’re still totally customizable! Guests can assemble the salads as is or just use the menus as a guide.

The GoldsteinsMahi Mahi Taco is a one- (maybe two-) bite appetizer that will get the crowds raving.

Kiki Fisher brings us a traditional Eggplant Tomato Gratin.

And Chanie Salzer delivers gluten-free desserts like these Cheese Crowns.

To see the full sweet and savory menu that all of your guests (even those who eat gluten-free!) can enjoy, get your copy on newsstands today or subscribe here and never miss an issue of Ami’s Whisk.


Victoria Dwek and the Whisk Team


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