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The 9 Best Chocolate Desserts for Passover!

Kosher.com Staff April 10, 2019

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Our rule of thumb? You should never bake with chocolate you wouldn’t eat out-of-hand. If you don’t use great quality chocolate in your Passover desserts, what’s even the point?


That’s why we put together some AMAZING dessert recipes that include Elite chocolate! Elite offers quality chocolate that will take your Passover desserts up a few notches…if you can avoid just eating it straight out of the package first! Enjoy and happy baking!


  1. Chocolate Almond Dacquoise by Paula Shoyer

  2. Gluten Free Chocolate Fleck Cake with Hazelnut Cream by Estee Kafra

  3. Flourless Molten Cakes with Chocolate Pistachio Bark by Janie Chazanoff

  4. Chocolate Quinoa Cake (Gluten Free) by Paula Shoyer

  5. Chocolate Fudge Bars by Estee Kafra

  6. Light ‘n Chewy Nut Cookies by Estee Kafra
  7. Hazelnut and Chocolate Meringue Cake by Ellen Grossman

  8. Chocolate-Dipped Gluten Free Coconut Crisps by Brynie Greisman

  9. Mouthwatering Chocolate Cream from the Nitra Cookbook