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Yeshiva Week: Winter Day Trips In The Tristate Area

Yeshiva Week: Winter Day Trips In The Tristate Area

“Ma, what are we doing today?” 


Are you tired of hearing that? Here are fun indoor places to hang out with the family during winter break. No need to check the weather; indoor places are always weather-friendly.

With so many options to choose from, it’s unlikely your children will kvetch.  (Yeah, right, who are we kidding?!)


36 Midwinter Vacation Day Trips in the Northeast US:


Indoor Water Parks:


 Photo courtesy: American Dream Mall Website


When summer memories are still lingering, all you want to do is go to a water park. Plus, nothing is more remarkable than being at a water park when it’s 30 degrees outside.


  1. Camelback Indoor Waterpark– Tannersville, PA

    Recommended ages: 3+
    Great indoor water park to spend hours of fun with all ages. It’s not too big and not too small, just perfect.

  2. Dreamworks– East Rutherford, NJ

    Recommended ages: 3+
    Create endless memories with the newest indoor water park. It has a little bit of everything a waterpark includes, such as drop slides for the older, daring ones and a splash pad for the younger ones. Oh, and it also boasts a giant wave pool.

  3. Kalahari– find your local spot

    Recommended ages: 3+
    Have a blast with a great variety of indoor waterslides. It’s more of a waterpark resort. Stay the night and enjoy the waterpark again or any of their other indoor attractions included with your stay. They have multiple locations, including one in Pennsylvania.

    Indoor Climbing and Arcades:

    Photo courtesy: Urban Air Instagram

    These places may seem typical, but don’t underestimate their ability to keep the kids entertained for hours and build memories that last a lifetime.

  4. Urban Air– Too many to count, with 3 in New Jersey

    Recommended ages: All
    Everyone’s favorite trampoline park isn’t limited to trampolines and includes some other activities for high-energy children.

  5. Climb Zone– Howell, NJ

    Recommended ages: All
    Funnest rock climbing indoor adventure park also features a ropes course, virtual reality, soft play, and arcades.

  6. Laser Bounce– Long Island, NY, and Queens, NY

    Recommended ages: 4+
    Laser tag, laser maze, arcades, bowling, and more – another fun option for a day trip.

  7. iPlay America– Freehold, NJ

    Recommended ages: All
    Laser tag, bumper cars, indoor rides, and arcades; this place is so much fun, though. The rides are real thrill rides, and everything about this place is incredible.

  8. IT– New Haven, CT

    Recommended ages: All
    An indoor ropes course adventure and zip line. They have two levels for older and younger children – the perfect place for the whole family.

  9. Area 53– Williamsburg, NY

    Recommended ages: 10+
    An excellent, hip spot with great activities such as a ropes course, skating, rock climbing, ninja course, laser maze, slides, battle beams, and arcades.

  10. Extreme Energy– Englewood, NJ

    Recommended ages: All
    The name says it all. Perfect for children that like to climb straight walls and bounce off them. It includes many different climbing activities and is fun for all ages.

  11. Dave ’n Busters– Wherever you’re at

    Recommended ages: 6+
    With 143 locations, they must be doing something right! For a fun and fantastic day of arcades, find your favorite spot to spend the day. Oh, and on Wednesdays, it’s half off. Value and fun packed into one.


    Photo courtesy: Jewish Children’s Museum Instagram

  12. Cooper Hewitt– Manhattan, NY

    Recommended ages: 12+
    A gem of a museum with a lovely garden in NYC. The perfect spot for art lovers, especially those that fancy modern art.

  13. American Museum of Natural History– Manhattan, NY

    Recommended ages: 5+
    The museum that always impresses. There is so much to go through, so give yourself enough time when visiting. Explore wildlife, ocean life, history, and more.

  14. Children’s Museum of the Arts– Manhattan, NY

    Recommended ages: Up to age 9
    The art museum where your child is the artist. Paint, color, mold clay, and a sound booth all in a day’s work. This museum is best for young children.

  15. Jewish Children’s Museum– Brooklyn, NY

    Recommended ages: Up to 10
    This children’s museum is the king of all children’s museums, not because it’s a Jewish museum, but because the exhibits are exceptional, unlike anything you’ve seen in any other children’s museum. They have all the usual things you’d expect such as a supermarket and pretending to dress up. Then you have the seven days of creation and the different Jewish holidays that make it so relatable to Jewish children, and they learn so much.

  16. Liberty Science Center– Jersey City, NJ

    Recommended ages: All
    One of the best science museums out there. It also has pop-up exhibits that are constantly changing, so no two visits are ever the same, and you’ll keep coming back for more. It is also home to the famous touch tunnel.

    Palisades Mall:


    Other than shopping, ’cause there’s no more incredible therapy than that, Palisades Mall, in West Nyack, NY has a host of indoor activity options for all ages.

  17. Autoban Speedway

    Recommended ages: 12+
    Indoor high-speed go-carts will give the older ones an adrenaline rush.

  18. Axe throwing

    Recommended ages: 13+
    Feel the thud when the axe meets the wood. Genuinely exhilarating.

  19. BillyBeez

    Recommended ages: Under 8
    Indoor gymnasium rides and more. Watch as your child’s eyes scan the place from side to side deciding what to try first.

  20. Palisades Climb Adventure

    Recommended ages: 10+
    Not for the faint of heart or those who have a fear of heights. The climbing adventure is an enjoyable obstacle course high up in the mall.

  21. Slime World

    Recommended ages: All
    The location that makes all parties. Your kids get to make slime – outside the house.

  22. Ice-Skating

    Recommended ages: 4+
    Glide over smooth ice and show off your skills or learn a new one.

    American Dream:

    Photo Courtesy: Nickelodeon Universe Website

    The mall in East Rutherford, NJ is all the hype, and for a good reason. This place is so beautiful, but more than that, it is packed with adventure.

  23. Nickelodeon Universe

    Recommended ages: All
    An indoor amusement park with sick roller coasters and a considerable kiddie section. It’s suitable for the young, the old, and everyone in between.

  24. Big Snow

    Recommended ages: 12+
    Now you can ski without traveling to the mountains. This is a great place to sharpen your ski skills and get in a few practice runs before heading to the mountains.

  25. The Rink

    Recommended ages: 4+
    An ice-skating rink that is big enough for the NHL regulation in size. It’s large enough that each skater has plenty of space.

  26. Blacklight Mini Golf

    Recommended ages: 3+
    18 holes of intergalactic fun.

  27. Sea Life

    Recommended ages: All
    For the love of everything ocean, this indoor aquarium features an underwater tunnel and over 3,000 sea creatures.

    Science, pottery, mini golf, sensory, and so much more!

  28. Top Golf– Edison, NJ

    Recommended ages: 8+
    Top Golf is like bowling, but instead of pins and bowling balls, it’s a driving range with clubs and golf balls. It’s incredibly fun. Each group gets its own bay. Recommended family time is daytime hours since Top Golf also doubles as a bar at night.

  29. Adventures Aquarium– Camden, NJ

    Recommended ages: All
    A fun and interactive experience especially for the children that love to explore life under the sea.

  30. Imagine That– Florham Park, NJ

    Recommended ages: Up to age 8
    “Mommy, come look at me, I’m a pirate!” It doesn’t stop by pretend play; there’s an arts ’n crafts section, train set section, and more, such as a baby-safe crawling area. It’s best for young children.

  31. Local plaster and pottery paint place– find your local spot

    Recommended ages: All
    Painting is so relaxing, and there’s something special about painting your own dish or mug and using it at home every day. Find a location near you.

  32. Escape room– find your local spot

    Recommended ages: 12+
    Unlock your inner Sherlock Holmes for an hour and escape! Requires teamwork and some sleuthing without getting yourself into hot water, not bad.

  33. Sloomoo– Manhattan, NY

    Recommended ages: All
    Sloomoo is a sensory haven for slime lovers. Immerse yourself in everything slime – literally.

  34. One World Observatory– Manhattan, NY

    Recommended ages: All
    A 360-degree view of New York atop the tallest building there.

  35. Spyscape– Manhattan, NY

    Recommended ages: 6+
    Learn about espionage and have fun simultaneously with many interactive exhibits.

  36. Franklin Institute– Philadelphia, PA

    Recommended ages: All
    Interesting and interactive exhibits make this ideal for young children and adults. It truly inspires science. There are live demonstrations such as dissecting a heart. They also have a fascinating new exhibit on the human brain. It truly inspires science. 


Please check with each location for their Covid-19 guidelines. They aim to keep you safe while having fun.


I think it’s safe to say that with all these awesomely incredible options, one week of vacation may not be long enough. Pick your favorite spots and enjoy hours of fun.

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