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Basic Cake Recipe with Parve (Dairy-Free) Buttercream

Parve Parve
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I use this basic sponge cake recipe for all of my birthday cakes since it’s fluffy enough, yet it’s not too crumbly and won’t fall apart when working with it.


Prepare the Cake Batter

1. Beat the eggs and sugars on high for a full 10 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and mix on medium speed for another few minutes.
2. Follow the baking directions to make the Circus Tent CakeHello Kitty Cake, Construction Cake – or build your own creation!

Prepare the Parve Buttercream

1. Place all ingredients into the mixer and beat on high for three to five minutes, stopping to scrape the sides until well mixed.


I copied this recipe off the side of the Domino confectioners’ sugar box many years ago, and no matter how many recipes I’ve tried, I always go back to this one for its amazing consistency. Occasionally, when I’m looking for a shortcut, I’ll buy a ready-made tub of buttercream, which also works very well.