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Blueberry Pie Filling


You absolutely cannot compare the taste of homemade pie filling to store bought. I just looked at the label of the one from the store: 42% fruit/51%sugar. The recipe below has a much higher proportion of fruit for sure. If you can’t get fresh berries, substitute frozen. It’s not the same, but it’s close.


Use this filling recipe in this blueberry pie.





Put the sugar and cornstarch into a pot. Gradually, add water, while mixing the sugar and cornstarch together. Turn on the flame to small-medium heat and add the blueberries to the pot. Stir constantly while cooking until the mixture thickens. Shut the flame and add the almond extract, if desired.



You can substitute fresh cherries for the blueberries. It is outstanding! They both freeze beautifully. Freeze in small plastic containers and make sure you label them!